Snapmaker Original Question Guide

Hi all, you will find a collection of questions/issues including their corresponding solutions that have been brought up on the forum in this thread and you can use it as a guide to those questions. This thread is specifically for the Snapmaker Original, and its library will be expanded as more questions are asked. Thanks to anyone that has contributed in posting and answering the question threads!

Sorted by Alphabetical Order:

3D Printing
Hot end, laser and CNC module running at full powerful at all times:
Snapmaker Original stringing oozing issue within printed alphabet:

Laser Engraving/Cutting
Cut plastic:

Adding TL-Smoothers to server motors:
How to print after transferring files over Wifi:
Post-processor for Vectric`s Aspire CNC:
USB compatibility issue:

DIY Projects:
Custom Aluminum Bed (CNC Project):

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