Rotary 2.0 Module

Who ordered the new rotary module which has been released today ?

What’s your first thing / idea to make with it ?

I’m interested, but I’m worried about the software situation. The video seems to imply that Luban will be able to drive it, but while the current version of Luban can technically do CNC and Laser, but it is really basic and doesn’t let you use the machine to its full potential. I don’t see how they can have good support for the rotary module when they haven’t been able to do standard CNC.

If Luban isn’t going to be good enough, that leaves very expensive 3rd party software as the only option I know of. That is going to at least double the cost.


Yes, i order it. But i have not too high expectations.

I want do some shilouettes and laserengravings.

I can’t find it in the EU store. Where can it be ordered?

For now it’s only available to the backers of the kickstarter. They have the “privilege” to become the first testers :wink:


Just saw the video/ page for it. Looks good sofar, i like the emergency stop aswell.
As brvdboss mentioned, it looks promising but that much for beeing a betatester, meh to some extent. And as srfin mentioned i dont see luban beeing able to do 4th axis without SN reworking it quite a bit. From what ive seen its either Luban, fusion 360 or another program ive never heard of.
Dont know if FreeCAD is fully able for 4th axis yet.
With the recent postings on problems, i know lots of happy customers dont end up posting here so major bias is at play, i rather wait a while and see how it pans out.

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At least this time they’re honestly stating that this product isn’t for everyone and is going to be somewhat complicated to use.

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I received the email to pre-order the rotary module.
With shipments and customs it will costs € 800. Even if I would like to
Absolutely no go for me.


I’m a backer and didn’t receive anything. Is it perhaps that europe based backers can’t order?

Hi, I am from Austria and I have gotten the invitation / email. So if you are an early Backer too, you should have received it.

But for me this priceing is too high. In Europe with taxes of +20% and its toll Handling fee the cost is to high for me now for just “playing around” with this more like gimmic. I’ll save my money for the new laser with more power, where I have more use cases in future


Too expensive for me as well. A quick search online shows similar CNC rotary head devices for a third the price. Maybe someone can figure out how to interface with one of them.


Before I spend that kind of cash I will need to see more. Like will I be able to etch a beer glass with the CNC mod and a diamond bit? With the correct bit will I be able to etch SS mugs like a yeti mug?


That’s something I feel all the time: It is surprisingly difficult to get a proper list of Spec’s for the Snapmaker stuff. I am not in the elite circle of those 3500 backers that got the initial offer, perhaps there’s more detail, but why can’t they state dimensions, smallest possible rotation angle etc. somewhere? You have to infer a lot from the videos - 0.1° precision… what’s that? Repeatability? Resolution? Does not even sound too great (but should be, the strain wave gear being backlash-free… Btw. an interesting piece of enigineering!)… And what about MTBF? The strain wave gear sounds cool, but also as if it is susceptible to wear…

Whatever, the possibilities of that thing are totally cool, but I find it hard to justify the purchase at this price point, thinking of how seldom I may use thing over its lifetime… When it’s my turn to receive an offer (backer 5000something), I most likely will not buy.

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This is a bit tongue-in-cheek but perhaps this can explay the why of the proprietary connectors for the expansions as opposed to just plain usb.

They didn’t give any more info on anything like that. Nothing about software either.
No real info about stop button and didn’t bother to even explain that the bundle included it.

This is only for FB members

In the movie:

In the pdf:

0.1 or 0.2? :thinking: It’s not the first time different locations show different specs unfortunately…

Oh well. if the pricepoint (including shipping etc.) was <€300 it could have been an impulse buy, even though I don’t have a real need for it. up to €450 I might have purchased it if have a need. But currently at the list price of 650USD I don’t even consider trying to find a use case or need for myself.

Although the fact that I’m still posting in this topic does show I still think it does look cool and it might be a lot of fun.

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That’s precisely it - only chance for me would also have been an impulse buy - not a rational decision: I simply do not really need this thing. The price quenches the impulse for me :slight_smile: Perhaps for the best…


Oh just read the text in the lower screenshot: I guess what they mean is that on the touchscreen you can Jog the rotation in smallest step 0.2° - like with linear modules. The position accuracy I seem to remember was 0.05 mm, but on the touchscreen the smallest you can go is 0.5mm.