Got Bored waiting for the Quick Release Kit ..... Tried to make an MPG

I have been thinking about doing this project for quite some time and finally got around to it.

I wanted an easier way to control movement and set datums whilst using the CNC. The design of the pendant is not my own, I found a YouTube Channel who created this and was selling the plans for $5. It Basically acts like a HID (Human Interface Device). The Pendant is linked via CNCJS (which Luban is based off) which ive hard coded to create the correct Snapmaker instructions. This is nowhere near finished but more of a proof of concept. I want to eventually run this off a Raspberry Pi with my own Widget Plugin to enable Tool Setting and Workshift Setting. I know the Snapmaker isnt the best CNC and this is more than slightly overkill but if it keeps me out of the pub its time well spent. If anyone is interested ill drop a link to the YouTube Video but remember this will not work “out of the box” and requires a lot of Javascript modification of CNCJS and also Arduino Code to get it as far as ive gotten here. If anyone here can help me get the source of CNCJS to compile either on a Raspberry Pi or Windows id appreciate a point in the right direction.

Here is a video of the basics.


Extreme overkill! But I love it, and if I ever get some spar time I’m going to hit you up for more info so I can attempt this myself.

Great work!

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If only snapmaker allowed us to communicate with with controller over can bus

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I didn’t know cncjs had exists, thanks for showing!

Thanks CandleFX, If you ever decide to build one i`d be happy to help out. Just remember this is nowhere near finished and there is a possibility it never will be. I just enjoy trying to make things “DO” what they are not intended to do.

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I use CNCJS to control and run G Code on the Snapmaker and find it much more useable than Luban as far as the CNC module goes. Just wish I could get it to compile so I didn`t have to Hard Code all the changes I make to it for it to work with Snapmaker.

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If you have it somewhere on github, i can add it to GitHub - shurushetr/awesome-snapmaker: Curated list of things that help you make something awesome with Snapmaker machines.
maybe somebody will connect and contribute :slight_smile:

How cool, I like this! While I like that the Snapmakér has the Touchscreen, haptical/tangible conrols are soo helpfull! You can keep your eye on the workpiece instead on your finger again slightly off from the touch button!

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