Snapmaker Rotary Module

I was wondering if there is any more word about the Rotary Module addon. I know it was supposed to come out this winter, but I haven’t seen anything about it. Is there any word on when it’s actually supposed to come out?

I think at the end of year perhaps. (When it will be deliverdf is another question)
I dont want it anymore.
presumably the quality will not very high and for milling? Dont know

What I want is the emergencystop and the handweehl they spoke about in the past.

It was my understand that it was supposed to be the end of 2020. I was more planning on using it to CNC figurines out of wood. The hand wheel would be awesome too though. I wonder when all these add-ons are supposed to come out.

The first 3500 Kickstarter backers received an email in the past hour with exclusive access for buying one. Shipping date is April 2021.

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April is good!

Firmware has a way to go lol

There is a video on YouTube, but it is only visible privately. Cannot imagine I’m not allowed to share that…?

Anyways: Introducing the Rotary Module for Snapmaker 2.0


If you don’t mind me asking, what was the price for it?

Im surprised to see they are 3d printing on the rotary module lol

that seems like quite a chore.

That’s some high production value promo! Thank you for sharing!

Hopefully the UK government will sort its shit out soon and I’ll be able to order one.

Do we know if this is a true 4th axis or if it replaces X?

It seems like it is limited to X being in the center but maybe it is not the case.

Finally announced this morning:


I duno.

It seems really cool but everything is so inconsistent with the machine for me so far.

Depends on the price point.

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That is painfully true

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Only $549 with $50 off for early backer.
$599 if you want the stop button.
Definite pass for me.

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01:37 makes it easier than ever before to set up 4-axis machining.

And it does look like the x-axis is moving as well when you look closely (2:19 in the video). For some of the models I think it would be almost impossible to machine them without the 4th axis.

But as we can’t use the free version of Fusion anymore to calculate the toolpaths, I wonder how good Luban will be for it…

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I’m thinking I’ll gladly pay the extra $50 to not be the beta tester for this. Maybe if the pre-order discount was 50% off…

A 7% discount is insulting, almost, for something that doesn’t even have firmware or software released for it, is 4+ months out, and is expected to be controlled by the Luban “Alpha” CNC module?

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This price is way to high for me. I wonder why I haven’t the email invitation because I had backernr. 11xx, I guess…

Ouch, that’s expensive…

More than twice as much as I’d be willing to pay.
Especially when they’ve done nothing to prove that they have any software ready to actually take advantage of it.
I have to assume the change in Fusion 360 policy was outside their planning.