Rotary Module arrived!

Hey they said the Rotary Module would ship in June and sure enough some box arrived at the beginning of June. I was too busy to notice it. Next day I got an email that the module had shipped - of course I got excited! A couple days later I noticed that box again and that it had SNAPMAKER on the side of the box! I was so excited!
I’m in the middle of a project that is probably going to take the rest of my natural life, or more accurately the next 50 days to finish, but I can’t wait for it to finish so I can start playing with this thing! For now I took a look in the box. When I ordered the module I thought the price was steep. Now that it arrived I’m seeing that the price is more than fair. There’s a badge in the box! And the packaging is as nice as Apple packaging. the quality is amazing.

Now I can’t wait for the higher power laser module, because if that were to come out soon(er) I can finish my current project faster and be able to start playing with the CNC…

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Glad you got your rotary module!
Since you say it’s worth the price, I’ll look forward to waiting for mine.

On another note.
What happened to the 50% off linear modules etc. in June?

Lucky!!! I ordered mine first day. Said it would be shipped in June, still no word. Still early in June though

I emailed support a couple days ago actually. They said they’re going into mass production right now and will be on the store between late half of June to early July.

Hello! Artezio.

Thanks for the info!

I see Snapmaker is running a 50% discount for existing users!
I’ll wait a little longer to see if it’s with mass production.
I’m planning to buy more than one for backup.

I’m buying a whole set of 5. I think 3 is minimum, for x and z rails, because they aren’t exactly compatible with the current ones.

Where are you seeing this? I can’t find them on the store.

I am also planning to purchase 5 linear modules 2.5 for my purchase.
I would like a clear answer from Snapmaker about compatibility.

Hi Anchoright
I don’t really understand it either, but it seems that those eligible for purchase will be notified.

What it’ll most likely be is a rebate. Pay full price, email them with official order number of your Snapmaker 2.0 for proof of current ownership then they’ll refund half. That’s my guess.

They already have your ownership info.
All of their past offers they’ve just emailed a code or password to a private weblink to order.

@sdj544 What about those that bought it from their Amazon store like me?

Maybe contact their support?

Hadn’t thought about Amazon orders.
Did they ship it from SM or did Amazon ship?
Either way they should still have your info.

@sdj544 Amazon shipped it but it was from Snapmaker’s official store on Amazon. So I have the order number which I’ve given them and it’s verified, but I don’t know how they have the list set up for current owners, whether or not Amazon is included.

I’ll make sure I post if I get any info on new linear modules.
If anyone else gets an offer, please let us know.