New Rotary Module Questions

I know the announcement just came out today, but there are already rumblings on other sites as to the rotary module’s application. So here are some of the questions I have seen so far. Maybe also a chance to through some suggestions at the SM Dev team :slight_smile:

Can the 3-claw chuck be changed out for a 4-claw?
Will we be able to raise the z-axis to engrave larger diameter objects?
What will be the max length of a carved object? Max dimensions in general?

I’ll assume that laser work will only be allowed on flat/smooth/curved surfaces and not complex geometries. My brain starts hurting trying to comprehend the g-code needed to do laser work on a complex and un-uniform surface.

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what file type ‘code’ does the rotary module use? i.e. .nc or .gcode ? can objects be designed for 3D printing and sliced with Cura (or something) to be used with this module?

Where is this announcement?

It’s on the kickstart page

Thank you, new module looks amazing

@Mr_Fen I guess its handeld like an aditional Axis in Marlin. So additional to XYZ you have A for the Rotary module. Or atleast thats how other full CNC machines handel it. I doubt Cura can handle that but if you have a CAD Programm with CAM for the machine setup you could be preparing the gcode there.

i have another question, what is the maximum speed? °/min

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I wonder if it would be supported in Luban. Which is very limited on the CNC level today. And as this is basically a 4th axis, it is no longer available in Fusion 360 as they have limited the free version to 3-axis CNC operations. 4 and 5 axis operations are now only available in the paid version.

Maybe it replaces the x or y axis with an internal conversion between linear and radial distance? So it could remains 3 axis? Don’t know they don’t give much detail. But to be honest I don’t have high hopes of it working right. The existing “features” don’t work right(WiFi, laser camera, luban, open source documents, the ability to simply complete a print, customer service speed). I think they should be focusing on fixing the problems they have rather then making more.


@Atom I completely agree.


They say it`s 4 axis, not 3. With an update for luban there should be no problem to support 4 axis.
its a can bus system, you can connect instead of heating plate i think

If it is 4 axis then you can forget about using the free version of Fusion 360 in your tool chain.

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I’m glad they are devolving more hardware I’d love the 4th axis but let’s get LuBan working and not crashing all the time first. My 350 is pretty much a paperweight if I had only LuBan.

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As this module has been release for pre-order can we get an update on these details?
the A250 material detail has been stated as “70 height × 68 radius (mm)” and the A350 has “170 height × 68 radius (mm)”

Does the 70/170 height include the amount of material used to ‘grip’ or is that the actual cutting surface dimension?

The outwards grip is 100mm, without having any experience, is this adequate for glasses/mugs etc?

Should be OK for mugs (I remember seeing a video by SM where they mark a mug) but I do not know about supper large drink wear (such as the huge 32oz cups, etc.)

How can you preorder

The shop says this about the rotary module:

Snapmaker 2.0 Rotary Module is only available to the first 3500 Kickstarter backers now. There are two reasons for the limitation. Firstly, the production capacity is in a ramp-up phase and cannot immediately produce enough products to meet all Kickstarter backers and pre-order users’ needs. Secondly, we would like to shorten the wait time to 3 months after payment confirmation. Therefore, the Rotary Module will be sold in batches and the earlier you bought Snapmaker 2.0, the earlier you will have access to the Rotary Module. Thank you for your understanding!

I am among the first 3500

Then you have got an email fromwere you can order it.

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