Replacement 3D Print Head for A350?

Does anyone know of a European or North American source for replacement 3D print heads for the A350? Mine was irreparably damaged. Snapmaker support has been an absolute nightmare in the past, so I would rather not go directly through them if I can help it.

They’re usually really good when you’re just ordering parts and they ship pretty fast. Just have to pay with paypal.
But you can also check the distributors list:


Is there an actual answer to this question? I can’t find a replacement 3d print head ANYWHERE!

I think the answer is that at this time the only known way to get replacement heads is by contacting (Snapmaker’s own store doesn’t offer Snapmaker2 heads, and neither does the only authorized Canadian redistributor, so I doubt any of the others do either).

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its true, they will send you a paypal link to pay for it then ship to you. they charge 20 bucks to ship - but you can add more parts like more hotends or whatever, give them a list of things you want.

the 3dp module is around 130 bucks i think - make sure to specify REVISED 3dp module or they might ship the original on you.

Yes, the revised one is a nice improvement over the original in terms of cooling and also has a better gear for the extruder.

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I sent a message to their support@ address and received a prompt response with instructions to pay them via Paypal, then send my info with a screenshot of the payment to them. I paid them $133 through Paypal, sent the email…and will keep my fingers crossed. I will post here if I receive the part. I didn’t realize that there was a “revised” printhead option, so I am assuming I will get the original.

email them telling them you want the revised one to be safe.

they might not have the old one anymore anyhow but someone got knicked on that some time back they ordered one to get a revised one and they sent the original out.

This place sales replacement parts:

There is one exception. B&H Photo Video (which is an authorized distributor) offers almost all parts on their site. Some they have in stock, most are special order. They literally just forward the order directly to Snapmaker, downside is it takes like 4 times as long for you to get it because they’re a middleman, you also have no way of specifying new head vs old, it’s just far faster and easier to just email Snapmaker directly.

One advantage with B&H is that if you have their payboo credit card they pay the sales tax.
(not sure if this still holds true with a special order).
So if you’re not in a hurry…
Hopefully they’ll start keeping more stuff in stock. It seems like they are slowly.

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A lot of us order direct through support. You won’t have any issues. I’m not quite sure where you get the idea of ‘if’. You’ll see the part 7 days after you order it excluding weekends.

They don’t make the original head anymore. You’ll receive the new one.

Well, its a matter of whether or not they used their inventory up or not than it is what they are currently manufacturing

it could be the old ones are gone now (which would be very good to know), but it wasnt that long ago someone got stuck with the old one because they didnt specify and snapmaker is going to try to send old inventory first.

some of the other changes people did not receive either, such as ordering a new build plate - people still received the first version after the 2nd was out etc.

Interesting. When I had my head fail back in January they sent me the new one.

Update: I received my replacement head about two weeks from when I first emailed support ($133 total), but it isn’t working (same settings as prior prints, used a small previously-successful print to test, same filament, went through all recommended troubleshooting steps, etc.). I will keep wrestling with it and create another post to ask for help, if needed.

We’d love to help. What are your current settings and what happens when you try to print? Did you recalibrate the bed? How’s your z offset? What temps abs materials? Did you dry your filament? What brand?