Want to purchase additional print heads

Trying to locate a dealer in the USA to purchase a spare 3d printing head. Not available separately on the Snapmaker Store. Amazon has none and the dealers in the USA websites do not have them. Hoping Rainie see’s this and can point me to who I can purchase one from.


Contact support@snapmaker.com and you can get Rainie with @Rainie

I always thought it was odd that they offered the CNC and 200 mW laser modules on the store, but not the 3D printing head. Now I don’t even see those, just the 1.6W laser module.

I guess that brings up a bigger question. How long are we going to be able to get replacement parts of v1, now that v2 is out?

The v2 controller can control all the v1 parts. In theory, if a v1 part breaks, we can upgrade the controller and the broken part to v2 spec. Hopefully all of the v2 parts will be available to make that happen (after v2 fulfills it’s kickstarter).

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I will third that! I talked to them when it first came out and never got a solid answer.

You can special order another head directly. I have one coming in the next week.