Spare Parts..........?

Why the FUCK are there no spare parts anymore for the Original…???

I have a broken one of just three years old and no spare parts to buy…??

Is this some Chinese Company Policy shit to fuck their customers i did not get the memo on??

Did you contact the support?

Do you really think that this is appropriate language? I understand why you might be angry, but before getting rude, my recommendation indeed would be to gather more information - like Jwillew suggested e.g. by contacting support.
Btw.: There are 3rd party resellers which most likely can also supply spare parts.

Off course i contacted support and checked 3rd part suppliers…

Always these simplistic forum replies…

And no there is every reason for language snapmaker might understand

Would you share the feedback with us?

What part(s) do you need to replace?

Hot End
Gear Wheel
Probably controller

Not sure if the gear wheel ever was sold separately, but it seems to be a standard gear wheel that you can find basically at any 3D printer supplier.




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No need to shout. I have seen this - my point is: These parts are available from 3rd parties - just search around a bit - do you expect me to do this for you?

That’s 30 sec’s of Internet research.

Also: It’s not a really complicated part - it is easy to replace by parts designed for other printers. Makers should be able to do this.

So one part i can maybe order from Australia…
The next one maybe in Russia…
And the other one maybe from Norway…

You pay the shipping and wait two months for arrival.

Any other non usefull tips?

Why don’t you get me PTFE 3mm od for 1.75mm while you’re at it…

No. I give up. You win. Be happy.

Edit: One last try: Extruder Hot End Kit for Snapmaker Original - they redirect to EU shop where it’s 404. Hitting escape before the redirect happens and you stay on the page. My take: Snapmaker can provide it - so back to square 1: Contact

Yeah thanks for nothing and obfuscating the topic of non support from snapmaker.

Thanks for nothing vice versa - why did you not share your communication with Snapmaker support for the benefit of others? Not sure what you expect from the forum by being so impolite and unfriendly…