Hardware Replacement Parts

Does anyone have a line on where or how to purchase replacement parts for the Snapmaker?

I’m specifically looking to buy a couple of extra 3D print nozzles. I just swapped out the original nozzle and now don’t have a spare. BTW - if you’re experiencing rough or dodgy 3D printing, try switching out the 3D print nozzle (see here - https://manual.snapmaker.com/3d_printing/faq/what-should-i-do-when-the-nozzle-is-jammed.html). My prints are amazing since swapping out the nozzle. I’m going to attempt to clean the original nozzle, but it’s going to be tough to get it back close to clean/new.

Kudos to Snapmaker for providing a spare. Well played.

I’ve printed with my nozzle about 3 kg filament (mostly PET-G) with no problems at all keeping the nozzle clean. Scrape down the molten/burnt filament with the tweezers when the nozzle is still hot.

But I’m pretty sure you can use standard nozzles from Amazon or somwhere else.

i too would like to order replacement and new parts for my snapmaker. when will the website be launched so we can order parts?