HELP!!! my 3d printer cable that attaches from the print head to the hub got caught and has broken. I don’t see where I can buy a replacement cable in the shop. Does anyone know how to get one of these?

Order through support from China, unfortunately it’s not a very fast process. I’d recommend ordering spares of the various types (toolhead, enclosure, power).

Depending on how it broke it’s probably repairable in the short term, if you’re good with a soldering iron.

If I order an entire replacement print head does it come with the cable. The US store seems to have those.

@SupernaturalMess no it does not come with another cable if you order a new print head. What store are you looking at? The only official distributor that I know of that lists the heads is B&H Photo & Video, but they just forward your order to Snapmaker and you A) don’t know what version head you’ll be getting B) it takes way longer to arrive than ordering directly from Snapmaker.

I’m talking about the snapmaker store online. I really just need cables but am willing to buy the head to get it

@SupernaturalMess that’s weird, I don’t see the head on Snapmaker’s US online store, or any of the other regions for that matter. The only head I see on there is the laser head for Snapmaker original.