Where to purchase a 3D module

So yeah I broke the 3D module trying to print nylon. I know it voids the warrantee but where can I buy a new module?

How did you break it with nylon?
Too hot?

There’s no specific warning against printing nylon. Under usable materials it’s just listed as ‘hasn’t been tested’.

You can try imakr.com or bhphotovideo.com as well as Amazon, but I’m not sure they actually carry them yet. You can always email support@snapmaker.com and tell them you want to purchase one.


The print detached from the bed and stuck to the nozzle and the nozzle kept extruding - when I checked on it a few hours later the whole head was one giant lump of solid nylon!
I think I’ve toasted the proximity sensor and the fans and everything!
I tried Amazon, I’ll check out the other places you suggested and contact support.

Bingo! It’s at B&H - thanks!

Still surprising I read about a couple of improvements to the SM2.0 3D print module, but they don’t even offer it as a part on their own store that I can find.

They dont have it listed, but you can buy it from the support email address for about 120 bucks.

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I’ve also found that ultimate3dprintingstore.com carries stuff but I do not know expected shipping times. Could be the same as bhphotovideo.com

Edit: As ultimate3dprintingstore.com is not an official authorized distributor, it would be wise to avoid them. I’ve never bought from them and so I don’t know their reputation. But as I understand it, if you buy Snapmaker parts or a Snapmaker machine from unauthorized distributors it breaks the warranty agreement so if anything goes wrong with anything you’re out of luck. I buy from bhphotovideo.com they’re very reputable and my dad happened across their grand opening and founding in 1973 when he was a professional cross country photographer so we’ve been using them for a long time and it’s just convenient that they happen to be an authorized distributor for Snapmaker.

Okay, that makes sense then. Could’ve happened with any filament though.
Were you using anything for adhesion?

On B&H you can get email notifications when it’s in stock. I don’t need anything right now but have it on on a couple things just so I can know.


Just noticed they now have listings of ‘where to buy’:


Unfortunately it looks like most places don’t have much in stock yet.

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This is good to know - thanks!
In the end I ordered one from B&H and one from the support email, specifying the 2.5 version. Whichever gets here first I can keep going with my current job! Meanwhile I’m doing some laser work.

Damn man are you for real?

Thats nuts.

I just did the same for a power module. Mine failed in a weird way (I actually wonder if it’s related to why I didn’t think it was very noisy) and explained in detail what happened to support and included a video of a noise it started doing immediately after the initial event. Couldn’t get a video of the actual event because of what was happening, delayed action because I wanted to pull out my camera didn’t seem like a good idea, but the detailed description and video of what it started doing because of the event was enough for them to not even have me trouble shoot it and was told it’s gone bad. They immediately shipped out a new power module within 2 days. I’m actually curious what one will get here first. I think the one from Snapmaker themselves might actually beat out the one from B&H. Shall we take bets?

According to tracking my module from Snapmaker is arriving on Monday, which is super fast! It’s definitely going to beat B&H because I haven’t even gotten notice that B&H has shipped yet.

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