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I’m having no luck in determining if I can use the Snapmaker 2.0 CNC router to route a piece of wood about 16" x 6" by 2" high. Something like a sign, where I only route half of the 16" dimension. The 16" dimension would extend beyond the bed of the Snapmaker, but the area that I would be routing would fall inside of the bed. In the videos I’ve seen, this seems like an option, just trying to confirm.

Also, are there any operating environment concerns to be aware of? My garage workshop gets well below freezing; can the Snapmaker tolerate the temperature changes?

Thanks for your assistance!

  • Karl

I just cannot print!
I’ve got SnapMakerjs 2.7.1 and have down loaded a file to print an “A”.
I’ve created a G code and my Mac is connected to my 3D 3in1.
The nozzle is at 200c and the bed at 50c.
What am I doing wrong??

With the A350 it shouldn’t be a problem to mill a piece of such size. the 16" side would stand out (best would be both ends) of the Y axis of the printer. with 6" wiede it shouldn’t be a problem to fix the piece to the wasteboard with the clamps.

For the temperature I’m not sure. I think the electronics can handle the temperatures (maybe ask the support for a that), but I would be more concerned about the dew point. (getting condensate in the electronics). For 3D printing you might also run into some troubles with such a low room temperature, but an heated enclosure might help you there.

Did you try to export the gcode and print it via the flash drive?

woo hoo - that worked! thank you SchnabsiX

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