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Thanks for replying kelvin8r

It was the smaller wire that broke. The thing is we only just bought it and have had problems from the start. Even the program itself doesn’t load (downloaded the latest updated one) just get a black screen. Never thought we would have so many problems so early into it


Don’t feel sad - as @kelvin8r said. It’s part of the hobby learing how to use the machine the best way. Have some spare hot ends, thermistors and heaters in spare and you will have more and more fun and excitment after every successfull print/laser/CNC project.


Hi , If i order de snapmaker 2 when it gonna commes and. why if i ho to orders kost it 260 euro more


I was wondering if it is possible to print with filaments that require high temperatures like nylon or polycarbonate? Based on my reading and uTube searches, these materials provide higher strength and temperature resistance but require printing temperatures higher than 260 degrees. Has anybody used snap maker with them, would this be a capability of snap maker 2?


Not with the SM1. You have to stay below 250°C without mind of maybe possibe modifications.


Hi there I’m very new to 3D printing just 2 days into it unpacked my snap maker and want to get up and running.
I feel lost very lost
Were to from here?
I really want to start 3D but can only level the head… that’s it.
I thought there would have been some easy off the bat running details like in the Visio tutorial but I feel that way can not find it on the web page.
I have attempted to down load the fusion 360 and it seems to request to down load and run the software and loop back to download again.
I have downloaded it 12 time and can not execute the software
I feel really stupid and frustrated that I can’t get to the next step
I’m located in Sydney Australia and just want to get the 3D up and running.

Assistance would be great at this point I want to feel that wonderful feeling of achieving a simple line of goo on the 3D printer almost a giant leap for mankind “me”
I can even upload this … really holy smoke
Frustrated George


Hi George

Breathe, breathe, breathe, you will get there. It may seem a little daunting at first but you will get results with a little patience and determination.

Make yourself acquainted with the SnapLinks page. It contains many useful references.

Fusion 360 and like CAD products are only required when you start to design your own parts…

May I suggest that you get started with existing models. There are many projects in Thingiverse there is even a Thingiverse SnapMaker Group

Select projects fro here to get started with. There are many neat add-ons fro your Snapmaker there. Try this one to get started with [https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2722552](http://Christmas Gifts).

There is much to learn, so take your time. It will be trial and error for awhile.

Keep having fun…BTW I am in Brisbane. Maybe some Sydney Snapmaker users could drop in and help you get started for a coffee or a beer.



Thank you Doug,
I feel so so lost I plan to look away from the unit today and gather myself once again.
I’ll look at your suggestions on the page and try to get anything going on the snapmaker.
I haven’t used a forum before this was just as frustrating as it took me 45 min just to figure out how to post.
Feeling good that I reached out now.
I have had year experience with CNC machine as a hoddiest and don’t see the difficulties in using this machine, I have more of an issue getting the software happening. In addition to this my existing CNC which I have used for the past 8 years, the software on it too has crashed an I’m in the middle of restoring and getting it up and running as well.
Like I said I’ll park this machine for today and look at it with a clear mind tomorrow.
Thank Doug for reaching out BTW would you suggest any Sydney contacts in the forum?
I’m happy to work and ask you fir a lot of assistance if you don’t mind.
Many thanks
George Sydney



may I suggest you make another forum entry and with a topic such as “Newbie requires assistance in Sydney”. In the entry state that you are new to the Snapmaker and would appreciate a visit from any Snapmaker user that could help me to get started… I just need a nudge etc

I know you will get started soon

Have a great weekend



Hi Guys, I printed this frog… On high detail the last layers produce holes where as on normal it is perfect… Any advice.

Thanks see attached image :heart_eyes:

Thanks again in advance


It’s hard to say. So much of this deals with settings. May I ask how thick your walls are? That’s where I would start. Second, might be not adhering as it makes that corner. Maybe slowing speed would help. If you are in cura, there is an option to delay for print layers that complete in X amount of time. that would be another option.


hi, is there anyone who knows what the weight of snapmaker 2.0 A350 might be? coz i need to know is it below 25kg or not to be sure i can import it.

thanks in advance


More top layers or part cooling


is the bins and 1600 mw laser cutting come free with the snapmaker 2 ?


Anyone have a issue with the z axis going too far down during calibration? The motor starts to tick and I can’t even get past the homing screen. This is the first setup


Anyone had a faulty stepper motor? When feeding its always hopping back and forth resulting in under extrusion…


Hm. Did you try using the other Z axis port on the controller?
It might be worth using jog mode before calibration and “set” a really high beginning setting… Just a thought I’ve never had a problem lime this personally.


Do you mean the extruder motor?


Yes the motor responsible for extruding filament


I have never had mine go bad, but I have had filament not feed Correctly and coil inside the module. It’s not super hard to disassemble enough to see inside. Might be worth trying.