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Thanks for replying kelvin8r

It was the smaller wire that broke. The thing is we only just bought it and have had problems from the start. Even the program itself doesn’t load (downloaded the latest updated one) just get a black screen. Never thought we would have so many problems so early into it


Don’t feel sad - as @kelvin8r said. It’s part of the hobby learing how to use the machine the best way. Have some spare hot ends, thermistors and heaters in spare and you will have more and more fun and excitment after every successfull print/laser/CNC project.


Hi , If i order de snapmaker 2 when it gonna commes and. why if i ho to orders kost it 260 euro more


I was wondering if it is possible to print with filaments that require high temperatures like nylon or polycarbonate? Based on my reading and uTube searches, these materials provide higher strength and temperature resistance but require printing temperatures higher than 260 degrees. Has anybody used snap maker with them, would this be a capability of snap maker 2?


Not with the SM1. You have to stay below 250°C without mind of maybe possibe modifications.