Printing at 951C 🔥

I updated to firmware 1.10.0 and quickly ran into an issue around the hot end temperature, upon restart of the A350. I can either print Aluminium or there is a serious fault :cry:

Turns out I couldn’t do anything, the screen froze when I tried to Home the device.

I downgraded the firmware to 1.9.0 and reset device configuration. This seemed to at least let me control the A350. I tried to start a print and it looked like it was going okay. However, once it reached 200/200 and just before it started the print the display jumped to 251/200 and then froze and the device became unresponsive.

Perhaps it is a problem with the hot end kit? I replaced it with the spare one.

Restarted the device and tried another print, the print was successful.

Tried another print, it was looking okay and then suddenly the temperature jumped to a reading of 341C and the device became unresponsive.

I double-checked the wire connections between the hot end and the print module. One of the pins in the connector was loose. I tried pushing it back in but the connectors are pretty flimsy.

This feels like either the connector needs replaced or there is a bigger Extruder Module issue going on?

The connector in question being the one from the PCB board that is exposed under the Extruder Module that you plug the Hot End Kit into.

cc @Edwin

Hi @Dojima

This issue was caused by the thermistor’s shorted out.

You can replace a new one, and we offer you a back-up one in the tool box.

Here is a video for your reference:

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Hi Edwin,

I swapped it out and the box went up in smoke.

@Edwin This print head is maybe defective now…

I am sorry for the issue @Dojima ran into and we had conversation via

One thing you were wrong is that you plugged the cable incorrectly which caused to the burnt module.


This seems to be the 2nd person within a few days of each other plugging that connector in backwards…

I think Snapmaker needs to send out a warning that this is possible to all their buyers.


Edwin already confirmed that the design has been updated Goodbye A350 Printer ! RIP!

Unfortunately he has not yet confirmed which shipments will include the updated design

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If they have admitted fault and gone so far as to update their design I feel that It would only be fair that SM send out replacements with the updated design to ALL customers rather than just those lucky enough to have theirs shipped out after a flaw like this was discovered!

If not a replacement module then at least something that can be used to prevent improper installation of the cable such as a new cable that remedies the problem. I hope this will be the case.