Post Processor Required for CNC?

I had gone back over any info I could find for the snapmaker 1 regarding post processors for CNC files. And even tried to test files I know work on snapmaker one however I cant get snapmaker 2 to accept anything.

Snapmaker 2 is willing to run any G-codes it generates from an image. However trying upload any gcodes (I attempted many different file extensions with no luck)

This was a previous post regarding cnc and snapmaker one “David Charlotte at Vectric Support, after reviewing the GCode files you provided and a couple I had generated, recommended that I try using the Grbl (mm) post processor file.” I did attempt the Grbl but still fails on snapmaker 2. Most of the time it wont allow me to pass these files over to it via Wifi.

Anyone know what post processor can be used to make the snapmaker 2 happy?


Very good question! @doug @Tone

Have you tried to use the Configuration Files for Fusion 360 on the download page? I haven’t tried any other software besides Fusion 360 myself. I was able to use the SM1 to router 3D paths that way.

hello i had the same issue
i just change the “.gcode” extension in".cnc"
it accepts the wifi transfert
and after two false start, and one with the head at 0 rpm,
i force the head to spin and it does the job perfectly,
(with an error message asking me if i want to abort)
wait and see new luban versions or sm2 firmware
best regards

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To get the most out of this platform we definitely need this information! I can’t imagine Luban is going to end up having a full CAM suite built into it, so I would love to see Snapmaker offer some support for this.
They have released Fusion360 config / post processors for the original Snapmaker and I have seen previous posts from another user asking for the required information to build a post processor for FreeCAD.
It would be amazing to have official support for both Fusion360 and FreeCAD but also making the required information for people to make post processors for other CAM suites.
I would be more than happy to make a post-processor for FreeCAD if I can get the required information.

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If you want to do some simple job. You can use any svg editor(Like Inkscrape or Adobe illustrator) to do the design, then export .svg file. Using Snapmakerjs to generate the gcode.

Snapmakerjs also support relief for small landscape.


We can achieve serious task by using it.

Other professional software

Similar with Fusion 360, it need a few development effort to create post process script for different CAD platform. These scripts are responsible for convert 3D trajectory(representation) into concrete Gcode dialects. There are Gcode dialect difference between firmwares(Vendors).

It would be great that community can help to support more CAM software. PM me if anyone is competent and interested. or drop me a line, I am appreciated and willing to assist.

In the meantime, leave a message in this thread about what CAM software you are using, want get supported by official or community is important.


The documentation is still under active development. Below are some links that might help.

  1. Basic workflow explaintation.
  2. Basic workflow explaintation in video.
  3. Generate gcode using Snapmakerjs
  4. Generate gcode using Fusion 360

I bought the a350 basically for the cnc. i cannot use the feature because luban crashes every time. the directions to install the fusion 360 post process are anything but good. very bad. in my onion the cnc is not a function that is usable right now.

Because I use Linux and the Linux version of Luban wasn’t available for Linux when I received my Snapmaker, I was using SnapmakerJS for the Laser and CNC portion. It’s almost identical but without the WiFi functionality. Maybe you could try that to at least get started? I have had Luban crash when I am trying to carve something with too many layers and too much detail, but it is fine when I dial the detail back a little.
As for the Fusion360 Instructions, I didn’t think they were bad at all. I cannot use it on Linux, but I had no problem following the install on my work PC and generating some GCode at the time I just wasn’t sure it was ok to use on the Snapmaker 2 because the instructions were all for the original.

I tried js it is a bit better but still crashes on me at higher depth cuts that is all i have atm

I reached out to David at Snapmaker about getting the required snapmaker specific GCode flavours and any other information required so I could write a post processor for FreeCAD.
I was absolutely blown away, David got me the information and did a whole bunch of extra work too. So I am currently putting together a post processing script for FreeCAD which I will make a post for when I have fully tested it.


i would just wish luban would allow the import of stl or obJ into the cnc. talk about making our lives super easy then

Looking forward to learn more about your progress. Please feel free to ask for more information and help from us. I am working on to provide a more informative guide about how to add posts. It would be great that you share your post processing script. Draft below


What file type does Luban support for cnc?

2D vector files (svg etc)
Raster images (png, jpg etc)
It doesn’t support 3D files for cnc

I use Vetric Aspire and generate basic G Code which I can upload into my very simple Click n Carve CNC machine directly and run. Really we should not have to go through Luban at all. Most CNC machine have controller software that accept one form of G code and able to run. We can develop G code on what ever platform we choose. I am a newbie for Laser and 3D printing but the workflow should be the same. Snapmaker seems to creating some very good a flexible hardware. I am very interested but only if I can use my existing creation tools efficiently.

To CNC 3D files you have to process them elsewhere. Fusion 360 can do the heavy lifting and then post process to what you can use in luban.

I am awaiting my SM2.0 A350 and starting to do more searching on how to setup when I get it. I will be using Inkscape for 2D and SOLIDWORKS for 3D & CAM. Will hopfully get a post built with help from this community and will gladly share once we get something working.

Chiptester is Aspire worth the money? I have been looking hard at it i used the sample files to do something and man it works but is it worth the price

Hi Im trying to carve a 3d object from fusion360 but there is no snapmaker2 post configuration machine in the drop down menu. there is no snapmaker in the list?

iv noticed that screen shots of other peoples post process screenshot has “generic snapmaker” listed by my fusion hasn’t and i cant find the file anywhere to download it.

When i go to i can get the tool libraries but no post precess configuration to self the correct machine in fusion.