Alternative Software to Luban

Hi, I’ve bought the Snapmaker Original and am generally happy with it. However, Luban is not, as yet, a viable product with which I can work. (I certainly don’t wish to discourage the software developers, but at the moment I need a fully functioning application to use for design and creation of the gcode files.) I’m happy using FreeCAD/Luban for 3D printing, but I’ve just been trying the laser engraver and that doesn’t seem to correctly interpret the svg files that I’m generating in InkScape. Next I want to try the CNC tool so any suggestions for software for all the steps in that would be great. Thanks.

Lightburn is for laser

cura/prusaslicer/simplify3d is for 3d printing

not sure on cnc personally.

Fusion 360 for cnc is popular

I’ve been happy with the Vectric family of tools for the CNC work. Not free, but their approach matches my mental model of how to design things better than anything else I’ve tried including Fusion 360 (which has become more and more limited on the free tier lately).

There is a Snapmaker post processor that you can drop in to generate Snapmaker compatible .cnc files that you can use directly without having to go through Luban. Just drop them on a USB stick and run them directly.

For CNC, you may have a try with Fusion 360, FreeCAD, ArtCAM. There are post-processors for those software. Here is the link: GitHub - Snapmaker/snapmaker_cnc_post_process

Regarding the laser, you may share the problems you encountered and maybe we can help you solve them.