Post processor for autodesk 360 and laser cutting

Hello there, im trying to use autodesk for everything i plan on doing with my snap maker 2.0 A350. Im just starting to learn how to edit the post myself so there is alot thats misunderstood yet. from my understanding the post provided by snapmaker only works for cnc routing operations with autodesk 360. i seem to be able to get cutting operations to post with no issue from autodesk, yet i can not find anyway to get autodesk to post for laser cutting. anyone got a modified post that works or have a walk around ? luban is just not accurate enough to produce constant results like id like.


I haven’t heard of anyone using auto desk for laser work… as long as you can export the model as an svg file you should be able to use another program for generating the tool path. (Like lightburn) i was also not aware that auto desk did any slicing.

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i mean its easy enough to just post with a cnc cutting tool and change the code manually all you gotta do is change the header to have M106 P0 S255 that sets the laser power and then you just gotta edit in a M3 and M5 to turn it on and off for the rapid movements. i just wish they wrote a post processor for autodesk and the laser. but thats why there are ppl like me in the community. imma just have to write the post my damn self. should only take a few edits to the cnc post but … well see its bin 12 years since i worked with post processor edits.

Autodesk does not allow you to export as and svg file. i can do dwg and dxf files but luban does not correctly load either of them.

i will look into light burn, is there a post processor file i have to use with it ?

Nope it’s similar to cura, or a cam software, but it produces g code compatible with the SM2 all that is needed is relabeling the file with a “.nc” after it. But it has some drawing capabilities. If you want to design your own images you will probably want to use software specific to that task

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i was most intuned to be laser cutting 1/8th thick plywood with it, that of witch i need accuracy for as i was trying to assemble some small boxes and what nots. id also like to do some rotary engraving with it. autodesk seemed like the answer for all of that but … lol no need to go into detail lol.

light burn seems intuitive enough to just hop on and use. i was just hoping to be able to go from cad work straight to cam. thanks for the suggestions, well see where light burn takes me. it does spit code out a lil funny. like instead of just using a header of M106 P100 S255 that way we can just use m3 to turn the laser back on without always having to code the power setting for every line. ntm id like to see the live tool pathing. im just being anal but i want perfection too.

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