Out of bound printing

I recently purchased the enclosure for the 3-in-1 original and ever since then my printer has been trying to print outside of the bed and even an inch or two above it. I realize the addition of the enclosure is most likely a coincidence but if anyone has ever encountered this problem and corrected it I’d appreciate a few pointers.

If you go to home position, the nozzle should be pretty close to the left front corner of the bed.
If it is not you have to recheck your axis and tool head position mounting.

Which version of the firmware is it running? You can find it on the panel, in Settings, About.

Some of the intermediate versions (3.7? 3.8?) had issues with the enclosure, opening the door, and positioning. As far as I know, the latest 3.11 fixes all of those issues.

If that’s not the issue, did it ever print correctly? The v1 setup allows you to mount the X axis with a ~8mm offset. If you jog the X axis all the way to the left, and it’s not above the print bed, you probably used the wrong screw position. Recheck the manual for mounting the X axis to get the right positions.

Thanks for the advice but I’m certain that the x axis mounting isn’t the issue, and I always returned to home position after every print. The issue I’m having just started out of the blue this week.

I am actually running the newest firmware since i thought that would have resolved the issue, and the x axis is mounted properly. What I mean by trying to print out of bound is that the motor goes all the way to the right of the build plate and then it tries to go further even though it physically can’t. This is very frustrating since I have been producing good prints for about 10 months now.

OK, what Slicer do you use?

May you share such a failing gcode with us?

I guess that you need to Luban to open the door detection if you are using the enclosure.

If that still does not help, swap these axes.

Thanks but my door detection is set to off.

Do you use Luban (which version) or a other slicing-software for your 3d models?