Cannot print with enclosure door closed

I have the original snapmaker. I recently purchased the enclosure and have been attempting to print with it. If I print with the door open, everything goes fine. If I print with the door closed the extruder just starts pouring out filament to the left of the print bed. If I start printing with the door open, then close the door, same thing.

Any suggestions?

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Are you running the latest firmware? There were a couple version that had weird behavior with the enclosure. You can check on Settings > About, first line. I have 2.11, and it says “Snapmaker-GD32Base-2.11”.

You can download the latest in Downloads and Updates for Firmware .

Same issue here. Just received my Snapmaker Original today, assembled everything, made sure I installed the most recent firmware (2.11 it is).

The first print started fine, but when I closed the door of the enclosure, the erratic behaviour Kate experienced occurred almost instantaneously. My second attempt was a bit less ambitious (XYZ calibrating cube) and again, when the door was closed, the extruder moved from the centre to the front/left corner and - luckily - continued the print perfectly on that spot. It was then that I realised the causal relationship between door closing and going berserk.

Finally, I disconnected the enclosure door sensor from the controller (just unplugged the sensor cable from slot 4) and now it prints as expected. Supposedly, the door sensor only has a useful function when working with the laser head in order to protect from accidental eye damage when inadvertently opening the door. The effect we experience with the extruder head feels like a(nother) bug in the firmware.

My five cents.

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This looks like duplicate of Trouble printing with enclosure v1.1 - #14 by PhilR

Yup, same issue here. I was starting to feel stupid trying to figure out what was causing the printer to go nuts. Mine moves the head far off the build platform and up by about 20mm then continues to move as though it’s printing the proper shape but dumps filament spaghetti onto the printers aluminum base.

After hours of looking through the g-code for something out of whack, I’m glad someone posted they were still having this issue with new units and the 2.11 firmware.