X-Axis is out of the bed

Good day to all of you,

New to 3D printing, I got my A250 since a couple of months. Not having much time to work with it since I got it out from the box. I have an issue with the x-axis since the first time I put the power on but not a big deal until now. Today I want to print larger pieces and I don’t find what to do because the X-axis is out of the bed.

So, I have an issue with the X axis. ¨Machine coordinates¨ that I’m reading on the touchscreen when Home are:
X: -15.50 mm
Y: 253.00 mm
Z: 232.35 mm

When I place the tip of the extruder hot end at the X,0 Y,0 and Z,0 on the bed, the reading of the ¨Machine coordinates¨are as follow:
X: 0.40 mm
Y: 30.50 mm
Z: 0.00 mm
So, when I try to calibrate, the first row is out of the bed by 15.5 mm (I took a picture but can’t post it here because I’m a new user to the forum)

How do I change the value of X or any other tip fix this is welcome.

Thank you for your help

Laval, Québec, Canada

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