Original/2.0 Community Update - May 2023

Dear Snapmaker Original and 2.0 owners,

This is Jade. I’m working in the UX team at Snapmaker. Today, I’d like to restart Update sharing and make it community-driven content, sharing all important things happening in our community.

A bit about my work at Snapmaker: In the past seven years, I have shifted my work focus from Community, Kickstarter projects, Global Sales & Marketing, Knowledge Base, Startup, and now to User Experience. We have four members in the UX team, and our primary responsibilities are Community building and Knowledge Base building.

A Thriving Community

As we continue to grow our community, we’re always looking for ways to improve and make it a more welcoming and supportive place for all Snapmaker Original and 2.0 owners. That’s why I’m asking for your help! I’ve created a quick survey to gather feedback. Please take a few minutes to fill it out and share your thoughts with me. Enter Your Survey

Projects Spotlight

We continue to be blown away by the creativity of our community members! With that said, we want to showcase some of the amazing projects from you. This month, we’re excited to feature a few projects that we think you’ll love:

Featured Projects

Infinity ribbon
Files: Printables

The flat one had shorter print time since it could go faster linear speed, butctgen I had to invest time cleaning up all the supports. I’d recommend doing them vertical with a few strategic supports like on the green one.

Egg Dispenser
Files: Egg Dispenser for Fresh Eggs by MatGyver85 - Thingiverse

Clean Support Removal

Laser Engraving
Settings: 10W laser, 5000mm/min, 0.05 line, 40%

Learning From Failure

At Snapmaker, we believe in the importance of experimentation and iterative learning. Failure is a natural part of the process, and we encourage our community members to share their experiences with us. By doing so, we can all learn from each other and improve our skills together. Thank you to everyone who has shared their stories with us!

Dual Color Print
Marty Earwood
Tweaking settings. Getting better results!
Trying out the painting feature on Luban v4.8.

Retraction Setting
Kazuya Goto
Finally I got it!

Rotary Module with CNC
Lilian Chamontin
Second try, side by side with the first it’s a big improvement!

Topics We Care About

We care deeply about our community and want to focus on the topics that are important to us and our users.

Quick Swap Kit

We have shared the exciting news on the upcoming release of the Quick Swap Kit for Snapmaker 2.0 Series. The kit is designed to work perfectly within and without the enclosure, and with various modules. The price will be announced on June 15. :wink:

We are excited to see so many interests and encouragement regarding this release. Thank you for your support! Check out the Topic threads in this Forum and Facebook Group.

Dual Extrusion Module - Heat Break Cooling and Buckle Loosening

We understand that some users have been experiencing clogging and extruder buckle breaking loose issues. We wanted to provide some quick solutions while we prepare a long-term one.

I want to emphasize that these are temporary solutions. We are preparing a more reliable solution. Once we have verified and prepared that, we will provide updates in the community. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Vibration Compensation Beta Firmware for 2.0 Series

Our vibration compensation firmware is now compatible with the 8-lead XY axes! Additionally, the previous Dual Extrusion Module usage issues in the vibration compensation firmware are resolved in this new release! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: So, it’s time to unlock even greater magic of this firmware with your machine! We can’t wait to see what amazing creations you’ll bring to the table.

Download the beta version here:

Order Delivery Tracking Page

For orders placed in the Snapmaker shopify store, you can access to the order delivery info from here: Go to Snapmaker Store - Support - Order Tracking.

Support Tickets - Replacement Parts Delivery Tracking Issue

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the lack of a self-service platform for tracking the delivery of replacement parts requested through support tickets. The delivery process for replacement parts differs from that of the Shopify store. Typically, the replacement part will be dispatched within one business day of our support team confirming the arrangement. Please be advised that our support staff will not send additional emails regarding the delivery tracking information unless necessary, as we receive a high volume of emails. However, if you require the tracking number, please respond to the email and request it.


Firmware Update: V1.15.26


  • Added retraction warning if G-code retraction distance was not recommended in Dual Extrusion 3D Printing Module
  • Added “C” and “W” custom parameter support with “M109” G-code

Luban Update: V4.8.0

Have you tried the Mesh Painting on Luban? Looking forward to seeing your prints and your feedback on using this new feature!


  • Introduced mesh coloring tool & multi-color model slicing.
  • Launched an online case library.
  • Added simple mesh split tool.


Cura Plugin Update: V0.9.2


  • Improvement: Add SM 2.0 printers (without dual extruder) as networked printers

Download: Releases · Snapmaker/SnapmakerCuraPlugin · GitHub

Thanks for giving this a read! This update might be too long. I hope it will be a good start and we can improve step by step. Don’t forget to complete the community survey to let us know your thoughts. And feel free to share your feedback and suggestions on community building.

Best, Jade


@Jade - this is is an awesome update, hope things like that will be happening more often.
You didn’t mention anything about support capacity and support tickets. I have a couple tickets submitted and didn’t hear anything back for 2 weeks.
One of them was about updating the g-code documentation with release of new 1.15.26 firmware. We had a discussion with @Riskey at Discussion of Snapmaker 2.0 Firmware Updates - #680 by nweolu, but nothing happened :confused:

Just went through the survey - nice and fast. Thank you for this!

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@nweolu I know that for the feature request emails, they will take longer days for respondence since the support team will wait for the reply from the development team for that request. However, this type of communication in a ticket is inappropriate. The support team has already realized this problem. They should reply to you soon. Thank you for your understanding.

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Added the download link for the “Vibration Compensation Beta Firmware for 2.0 Series”.

I was wondering if the quick swap kit is now compatible with the A150 is it is mentioned in the New IR laser documentation with or without quick swap kit for A150.

ask me that also. I had a look for the shop also, but still no Quickswap :wink: I have the head quick swap mounted since all my heads have quickswap adapters and I do not need it for the platform, but setting “head only quick swap” in the menu would be nice for autocalibration and things…

I absolutely hate Snap Maker. We’ve had it since it first came out and only printed 3 items and now, I can connect and that’s all I can do. I transfer files wifi they don’t show up, then tried USB method - still didn’t show up. I’ve watched tons and tons of YouTube videos – I am doing all the right things and still NOTHING to show for it. It’s an oversize table decor and a huge waste of money. I am going to purchase a device that will work, right out of the box. I shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to “try” to get it to work and waste over 3 hours – it should work, especially at the high price tag. I have already INFORMED thousands to by pass Snap Maker. Not sure what sold my husband on this, but in my opinion (which I am the person planning on using it), for the price it should be beginner friendly and if not should have been VERY clear at POS. I don’t have hours to “try” to figure it out. I have slivers of time like every normal human.

In fact, I couldn’t even find where I could enter my own topic – I had to reply to someone and this is where I clicked. Sorry not sorry

Should have don’t your homework first I guess. It’s a very capable machine for those that invest the time to figure them out.

I’ve devoted months and months — hours upon hours — did EXACTLY what videos said to do. I’ve even hired someone that is more tech savvy than me. Maybe my unit is defective; my experience and yours clearly is different, but don’t pretend to know what I have and have not done; because clearly you don’t know!!! I am allowed my freedom of speech and have different opinions than others. My husband bought this not me!!! If it were up to me — I would have a crafting shed all decked out than to have paid for the piece of useless table decor that exists in my home. Glad your experience is a positive one, but as of late — I see more complaints than joy of ownership.

Don’t worry, snapuser is a serial apologist and defender of Snapmaker.
It probably doesn’t help to complain about the machine under two different topics though, this topic having nothing to do with your issues.
It may have been better to ask for help first.
I agree with your sentiments about the machine though, I’m too far invested in the machine now to give up.

Found your thread… .