Artisan Community Update - April 2023

Dear Snapmaker Artisan owners,

Jade from Snapmaker here with an update on the thriving community of Artisan owners. It has been four months since Artisan started shipping. More and more people received their Artisans and started their adventures! Here are the places for Artisan owners to discuss and share: Snapmaker Artisan Owners Facebook Group, Snapmaker Forum Artisan Category, and Artisan Wechat Group.

A Thriving Community

With over 6K members in the Artisan Owners Facebook Group and over 100 topics on the Snapmaker forum, we are building a community where we feel belonging, communicate authentically, and grow together. We also have a new moderator, Martin Falk-Hansen, who has been very helpful in sharing useful tips and creative projects actively. He also builds a Discord community for hangouts and other online events!

As we are in the same big community, we share the same goal - building a thriving community where we feel belonging, communicate authentically, and grow together. Every Artisan owner can vote for what we should focus on in the community. Please take two minutes to complete the Artisan community survey and share your thoughts. Artisan Community Survey - April Update

Projects Spotlight

I always feel thankful to the Kickstarter community. And I like reading the Kickstarter newsletter - Projects We Love. In the Artisan community, we see so many creative and amazing projects. I want to highlight these WOW moments. Seeing fulfillment, enjoyment, and happiness in these projects is a wonderful treat for everyone in the community.

Topics We Care About

There are a lot of topics we care about. However, I can not include all of them here. So I just focus on talking about three topics in each update.

Layer Shifts

Thanks to the active feedback from Artisan owners (ys2k, 跳蚤, Victor Echeverria, Rolf Wettstein, Daniel Douglas) we found a bug that could cause layer shifts for specific long-time printing scenarios (generally happened after about 15h printing). It’s been fixed since firmware version V2.3.1. In addition, when printing multiple models in one print, it increases the possibility of nozzle scratching on prints, which results in layer shifts.

Bed Leveling

Thanks to the active feedback from Artisan owners (大商,木子木,Mack, Torben, Dav Li), the bed leveling compensation has been optimized since the firmware V2.2.4.

Support Request Waiting Time

I understand timely support is crucial to ensure a seamless experience with your Snapmaker products. I want to update you on the current support request waiting time for Artisan and J1 technical issues, which currently takes 1-5 working days to receive a reply. However, we aim to reduce this waiting time by the end of June with the addition of three new technical support staff who are currently undergoing training. For general service tickets such as order status and shipping questions, our support team typically responds within one working day. Ongoing support tickets also receive replies within a day. We are actively seeking other solutions to further shorten the waiting time for technical support requests. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work towards improving our support services. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team via the ticket system or contact It’s recommended to use the ticket system for technical issues.

Community Q&A and DIY Mods


Which Artisan reviews help you get valuable information? Here are some review videos that I recently found on YouTube. Some are made by professional reviewers, and others by Artisan owners.

Snapmaker Artisan 3 in 1, dual extruder 300C 3D printer, laser engraver & CNC metal milling machine

Snapmaker Artisan 3-in-1 Maker Machine In-Depth Review

Snapmaker Artisan 3-in-1 Assembly Part 1

Assembling Snapmaker Artisan and Enclosure & print of a Benchy as test (Timelapse)


We are constantly updating our firmware, software, and wiki content, so be sure to check out the latest updates.

Firmware Updates: V2.2.4, V2.3.1

Major Improvements:

  • Optimized leveling compensation in 3D Printing.

  • Added park toolhead and heatbed option in Filament Tab.

  • Added retraction warning if G-code retraction distance was not recommended in Dual Extrusion 3D Printing Module.

  • Added Locking block origin support with Snapmaker Luban.

Major Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that printed for a long period of time causing layer shift problems in some scenarios.

What is your experience with these firmware updates?

  • My Artisan’s firmware has upgraded to V2.2.4 or V2.3.1 and has no problem.
  • My Artisan’s firmware has upgraded to V2.2.4 or V2.3.1 and encountered problems.
  • I’ll upgrade to these versions later.
  • I prefer not to upgrade the firmware to any of these versions.

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Software Updates

Luban Updates: V4.7.3

Cura Plugin Updates: V0.9.0

It’s recommended to use the latest Luban or Snapmaker Cura Plugin. We have updated the retraction settings since Luban V4.7.3 and Snapmaker Cura Plugin V0.9.0, which helped to avoid some clogging issues caused by inappropriate retraction settings. If you are using other slicers, here are the recommended retraction settings:

What were your retraction setting values before?

  • The same as the recommended settings below.
  • A bit higher than the recommended settings below.
  • Much higher than the recommended settings below.
  • I don’t know.

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Wiki Content Updates

Thanks for giving this a read! This update is not perfect and missing some sections. I hope it will be a good start. Don’t forget to complete the Artisan community survey to let us know your thoughts. And feel free to share your feedback and suggestions on community building.

Best, Jade