My 3d printing is weird

Hi guys, so, i was 3D printing normally today and then suddenly my printer started to making some weird noises, apparently is under the bed, i’m assuming is some dirty under but i’m not sure, if anyone knows what is it and what can i do for solve i would be thankful!

Try this:

  1. Home the machine.
  2. Move the Y axis back ~10mm using the TouchPad.
  3. Disconnect power.
  4. Manually push the bed all the way forward, to were it normally homes.
  5. Make sure that both Y Linear Modules are all the way forward.
  6. Reconnect power.
  7. Try performing you test again.

If that stops the noise, your Y axis was out of alignment, which may indicate a bad, or weak, Linear Module. If it happens again, contact Support to have the Linear Module replaced.

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Hey, it sounds like one of the Linear module doesn’t work. I suggest you to contact our support for help. Mail to