Machine making ugly noise on Y axis

I was printing something and then heard a “bad” noise and checked and my machine had had a massive layer shift.

Now, when I run it, if I pull the bed forward a bit, it makes a not good sound when moving. Pushing the bed back seems to resolve it, but I worry I’m further damaging things if I continue to use it.

Is this normal or something I should talk to support about?

Video with sounds (it sounds much worse in person):

Looks like there’s now backlash on Y, a decent amount.

I don’t know about the internals of that but presumably it’s adjustable in some way to help reduce that.

Either support or start taking it apart and looking.

Ah, I hadn’t considered that there was backlash, I’ve done some prints and they came out fine (I only recently discovered the “fix”), but it’s good to know this isn’t normal, I’ll reach out to support.

My Original made a bunch of weird noises and then started printing outside the skirt line several times today. What does anyone think I should do??


@vickiedavis I would just contact support (, mine was still working fine, but I’m worried about further damage, yours sounds like it’s already damaged (is it consistently messing up prints?)

Knocking on wood!! The problem has not happened again!!