Wondering if my Snapmaker has died

I had a 3 day print going and it was about 85% finished when I went to bed. Got up in the morning and the bed was all the way back so that printhead was hanging off the front printing filament into the air.
I stopped the job and tried to home the machine and while the print head returns to the normal home position the bed makes a screaming/grinding sound and doesn’t move. I’ve tried powering off and on, letting it rest, I’ve moved the bed all the way forward while it was powered off but it still makes the noises when it tries to home.

Any clues/suggestions?

Do you have the 150, or a larger model with the dual Y rails? If it’s the dual rails, they might need to be trammed. Other users have reported that they can bind up if they’re not perfectly aligned. Is it one or both of the rails making the noise?

If that was an original, I’d think something fell into a rail. But the shielding on the v2 should prevent that. There are some posts on the forum about gently taking your rails apart so you don’t void the warranty. If it’s not an alignment issue, I’d see if there’s anything rattling around loose inside the rail. If something broke off inside, emailing support should get the warranty issue resolved.

This is the 350. I didn’t notice that the sounds were only coming from one rail but, then again, I wasn’t trying. Sounds like further investigation is in order.

Is your problem like this?

hey, if the noise sounds like the video that clewis has referred to, one of the linear module doesn’t work. I suggest you to contact our support team for help. Just mail to support@snapmaker.com

Finally have the time to get back to looking into this problem and trying to figure out which rail might be throwing fits. It looks like in order to remove the print bed from the rails, I pretty much have to completely disassemble the printer. I thought before I started this multi-hour task, I’d double-check my thinking. Is there a way to take the print bed off the rails without taking most everything else apart?

There are holes in the base.
Move the bed so they line up with the screws.


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Thanks that saved me at least an hour!