Multi tool projects

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This is my first post on the forum! I ordered the Snapmaker A350 due in November and am absorbing as much as I can until it arrives👍🏾 hopefully in great working order. For those currently up and running, let’s start a thread posting pics of combined tooling projects! Two processes such as CNC and lazer engraving would be great but all would be awesome! Lets see what this baby can do!

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Snapmaker ran a multi-tool contest in 2017. I’m not on instagram though, so I’m not sure what people posted.

The CNC + Laser projects will be kind of limited. The Laser can’t do Z axis movements, so it’s strictly 2D etching.

Thanks, I only saw one entry though, the coaster and 3d printed toilet roll and he used them separately rather than combining several processes. There is so much potential with these processes, in which the combination of them all would be something only a snapmaker user would likely do… Im hoping to see more from the community soon and I can’t wait to test it out for myself

Oh I did this recently! I made a really cool lamp that was 3D Printed for top and bottom and then I laser cut the middle and put it all together. If you’re interested checkout the video.


Here are a few laser/cnc combos:


Great job man! It looks very finished!!! What a great example!!

Awesome Job!!I love the lazer cut textures especially.

A couple more combo cnc & laser tap handles.
Walnut & Oak
Yin & Yang
Dark side & Light Side




I answered some questions and shared some tips and things I’ve learned when making some of the items I’ve shared:


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Wow thanks for taking the time to give such a thorough explanation! This will surely benefit alot of people, including me!

sdj is amazingly talented and knowledgable, i continually look to what he has to say, these types of examples he shares are why.