The First Instagram Snapmaker Makerathon is On!

The First Instagram Snapmaker Makerathon is On!

Activity Time:

March 7th 2020 - March 31st 2020


Celebrate Snapmaker Original’s Birthday!
Win the Amazing Rewards!

Makerathon is a marathon race for makers. We have held several rounds of Makerathon in our Facebook group and it has inspired many makers to make wonderful things!

This month, March is a special month because we launched our first product - Snapmaker Original on Kickstarter on March 14th, 2017.

To celebrate the birth of Snapmaker Original and appreciate the support of you guys, we now announce that a new round of the contest starts now!

We hope all of you enjoy this!

How Makerathon works?

Please follow these steps to join the game!

  1. Follow our Instagram @snapmakerinc ( and the hashtag #snapmakershowcase (
  2. Post your showcases on your Instagram account. In the same time, tag @snapmakerinc and use hashtag #snapmakershowcase, #3dprintart in the post.
  3. When more than 100 people like your post, send your post as a message to @snapmakerinc. And then we will help you promote your work in our stories and the Highlight!
  4. At 9 pm (EST) on March 31st, we will record the number of likes for those posts that tagged and were sent to us.
  5. The creators of the five most-liked showcases will receive the prizes. If multiple winning showcases are from the same creator, he/she will receive an extra reward, a coupon of 20 USD, instead of taking various prizes.
  6. The winners will be declared and awarded with relative rewards within the first week of April.

How to post the Showcase to win the prize?


  1. The post must include the hashtags #snapmakershowcase and #3dprintart and tag @snapmakerinc.
  2. The number of photos/videos is not limited. However, there must be a photo similar to the following one, which shows the Snapmaker machine.

  1. One creator must use at least two functions (3d printing, laser engraving, CNC carving) in the contest. Your creation could be one single work or two different.

Tips to win more likes:

  1. The followers of Snapmaker are most active from 8 am to 7 pm American EST(UTC-5). If you want your post to be popular, it would be better to post it during these times.
  2. You have a better chance to get more reach and receive more likes if you post a high-resolution photo, which presents the creation beautifully. Or there is a video showing how the Snapmaker makes it. (Besides, the length is better to be about 15 seconds.)
  3. Add some hashtags related to your creations. There are some hashtags for reference:
    #snapmaker #SnapmakerShowcase #3dprinter #3dp #3dprint #3dartist #3dprintart #3dprinting #3dprintinglife #shareyour3dprints #laserengraver #laseretched #laserengraved #lasercut #lasercutting #engraving #cnccraving #cnc #fdmprinting

Now let’s get to the exciting part! About the Prizes!


First Prize: One Enclosure V1.1 for Snapmaker Original + MDF Wood Sheet (10 Pieces)

Second Prize: One 1600mW Laser Cutting Module for Snapmaker Original + MDF Wood Sheet (10 Pieces)

Third Prize: One Z-Axis Extension Module for Snapmaker Original + PLA Filament (500g)

Fourth Prize: Coupon - 50 USD

Fifth Prize: Coupon - 20 USD


  1. The coupon can be used in any order in our online store.

  2. The coupon can’t be used with other coupons.

  3. The coupon will expire one year later.

Also, prize winning creations will be presented on our Instagram’s Highlight and may be presented on our Official Website to inspire other users!


Are you ready? Let’s start making!

*In case of dispute, the company reserves the right of final decision on the interpretation of this event.

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Hi all, the winner from the 1st Instagram Snapmaker Makerathon is out! The 1st place is burskipawel88! His creation, a holder for a roll, received 385 likes on Instagram. Congratulations!

Only Pawel’s post meets all the requirements, so there is one winner in the contest. These days are tough for everyone in the world, our whole team is working together to try help fight COVID-19 for the regions most in need. That is why we did not promote this contest in the past weeks. We sincerely wish everyone safe, and we are all going to get through this.