Min Temp Err at Random, NA at Random on Board and Nozzle


I did some light 3d printing last week and had no issues for the record. Earlier though I was turning it on to load some new filament and start a run of holiday project prints for my sons school class, however I’m dead in the water right now. The touch screen started giving the “min temp err” and the controller indicator light turns red, while both Nozzle and Bed start showing NA on the display. If I wait a few a few the Bed or Nozzle (or both) will start reporting temperatures again (on the display) and if I turn it off and on it will come back for a few minutes before doing the same thing. I’ve noticed it usually always happens once I try and calibrate it but other times its at random. I was going to order a thermistor but since the bed is showing NA at the same time (and then they both go in and out) I was thinking its possibly the controller? Also not sure if this is normal but once I get the “min temp err” the touchscreen becomes totally unresponsive to input but the display still updates. Any ideas or likely fixes?


Hi, there are three possible reasons for this issue: something wrong with the controller, poor contact of the 3D printing module port, and poor contact of the RJ45 cable.

To narrow the troubleshooting area, you can change the head to a laser module or CNC module to see if you will meet this issue again. As you mentioned that it happened randomly, it might take some time of using for you to confirm that it works well with the other two heads. If it happens again, it’s probably that there’s something wrong with the controller. If it doesn’t happen again, either the 3D printing module port or the RJ45 cable might have a poor contact.

If you still cannot make it, you shall contact support@snapmaker.com without further hesitation. Hope it helps.


Jade, I let this sit for quite a while as I was a bit frustrated at how much time I was spending testing, cleaning, dissembling and couldn’t get it to work. At THIS point I do not get the min temp error on anything other than the 3D Printing module (with the bed obviously). I have cleaned all the RJ-45 ports and connectors, upgraded firmware, replaced the heating element and the thermistor but I still get the “Min Temp Err”. Is there some way to enable some sort of debug to see where this error is coming from (Printer Module, Heated Bed, Other…). Beyond that what are my alternatives as I have a completely non-functional paperweight right now as far as 3D Printing goes which was its primary use. I am obviously past any warranty since I was an original backer but if I can get it back up and running without major costs I would like to do so.