Waiting 0% Error - Temp issues?

When starting to print, I seem to be getting stuck at “Waiting 0%” . Bed temp is N/A, and nozzel temp is 25C. The bed is definitely hot to the touch, not 200C hot, but hot so there is connectivity. Anyone else see anything like this? Keeping a print active for an hour results in the same “waiting” dialog through the software, and a N/A on the controller.

I am having the issue. Everything is connected correctly (double checked) Heated bed feels hot but touchscreen display is reading NA (see picture)

You only get this displayed correctly when printing from SD card.
The percentage at USB print is shown in the Snapmaker 3D software.

But if it was on the display too it would be cool.

This is from the SD card and it is not printing. I waited for 30 minutes before canceling the print. Note the issue with the heated bed temp.

Are these all heated bed failures? If so, would be great to get a replacement to try another one out.

  • Mitul

I have the same temp problem with Snapmaker 3D and the new Cura. But with an older version of Cura14.07 no problems. Longest print 6h 50


Peter, Same story here. Based on your feedback, I downloaded Cura 14.07. Tip and printer started working quickly with that.


Thanks for the info with cura 14.07. Any DL-Source?

Look on the bottom of the bed plate. Do you see the transistor next to the plug? Mine was missing…I need a new plate. Just found it this morning. The heated bed had shifted in shipment and I’m assuming the resistor popped off. I can’t find it in the box. May have popped off before it was even packed.

Hi Mitul,

Sorry for the late reply. Please power off the machine, detach the heated bed and see if the thermistor at the bottom next to the port is damaged. Like the one Trevor showed you. If the thermistor is missing, please send us a clear photo of it. We will send you a new heated bed.

I am having the same problem too. When starting to print, I seem to be getting stuck at “Waiting 0%” . Bed temp is N/A, and nozzel temp is 199-205C°. The bed is definitely hot to the touch, but the temp is not registering on the LCD screen.

I am unclear as to what the solution is. I looked at the botom of the bed, and it looks exacly like the picture above.

Hi @HollyHaak1,

Please fill in the warranty request, we will send you a replacement once the heated bed is identified as defective. Thank you!