Nozzle shows NA

So when i got the printer it was running more or less fine until i started a print that would have taken two hours. It stopped roughly 70% of the way through. On the touch screen it said Min Temp Err and the showed NA. I was running it with the flash drive that came with it so i hooked it up to my computer to see if i could get a better error message. It only got through 30ish %. The error message that showed was Error occurs. Error:printer halted. kill() called. Iv been looking for a solution for a while but no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have a similar issue. Have you fixed that or still have this issue?

None so far. I kinda got distracted by other things and never found a fix.

@RastaCeal is you take you printer module off and look by the nozzle, and to the right you should see a white wire and a red wire. That white wire is called a thermistor. That wire might have come out of the nozzle and that’s causing the problem. Try and push it back in to the little hole, or you might need to replace it.

Here is a link for a new one.