Luba 4.0.3 messes the Gcode


For some reasons Luban keeps messing one particular part of the vector project when generating the Gcode. It’s always the same piece and I already tried to save vector graphic several times slightly changing the layout. always the two parts get messed up. Has anyone had similar issue?



Can you post the .svg file (or whatever the original file is)? What program are you creating it in?

Christmas Houset Big Roof

Here is the svg. I made it with Inkscape. all the vertical squares aligned next to the right edge of each panel are incorrectyl transcribed into gcode

Unfortunately Luban has had some issues with SVG files and this may just be a bug in the software. If it turns out this is the case here as well maybe support needs to be contacted, or file an issue on the Luban github page.

Can you recommend alternative free software that can generate gcode?

This file works better in Luban 3.7.0 (Linux), with the right-side slits at least showing up. The left side of the upper-left slit is still ignored, but the problems are at least partly a regression between Luban versions.

And yes, I’ve seen ant farms that had fewer bugs in them than Luban’s SVG code. :roll_eyes:

For laser, Lightburn is the most commonly recommended alternative software, but it isn’t free, alas.

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Unfortunately not, as Ellory said.

In at least one of the links a staff member was watching the forum who then got the information to the developers to fix. That staff member is no longer with the company, and this forum is without staff monitoring.

As such, it would be great of you to create a ticket with support so that this is actually addressed and the developers can make Luban better.

In the meantime sounds like a downgrade is in order to at least 3.7.0 to see if that works.

Note that other versions between 3.7.0 and 4.0.3 may work as well; I just grab automatically for that particular version because it will run without my having to give it unsafe permissions.