Luban not generating path correctly for Laser

Hey folks, I created a design in Illustrator and exported and SVG file. I am hitting two issue with Luban when I bring in the design and try to generate the G code:
1-When I load the SVG, it doesn’t come in at the proper size. Any tips for dealing with this?
2-When I hit the “Process” button, parts of the design suddenly scale up.

Here is a quick video showing the issue:


Please send me the SVG file as I was told that SVG parser feature has been improved in Snapmaker Luban 3.15.0.

Looking forward to your reply.

Thanks for your help. Attached is the SVG that’s giving me problems.

3 Frames-01.svg

These three files also exhibit similar behavior:
You’ll notice 2 and 3 the main artwork behaves ok when you go to process it, but the squares at the corners don’t. They scale up for no reason
On 4 you’ll notice that when you hit process, everything suddenly scales up.

Please help, this is extremely frustrating, so far have not been able to use the laser on a single project due to these issues. This is a very expensive machine to just have sitting around.3 Frames-02

3 Frames-03

3 Frames-04

Thank you for sharing these files.

I have forwarded these SVG files to our software developers. I will keep you guys updated about this issue.

Best reagrds

I’m also having issues with Luban 3.15.0 which I naively installed without checking here on the forum first. My issue seems to have to do (1) with circular arcs and (2) with improper clipping of the geometry for the laser paths and in both cases when the geometry comes in as DXF files. In all cases so far, incomplete circles are interpreted fine in the geometry display but the laser paths execute the wrong part of the circle in many cases. Here are two screen shots - the first is of the raw geometry as seen within Luban and the second is the calculated laser path.

On a positive note, the terrible DXF scaling problem in the prior version of Luban seems now to have been fixed. However, problem number 2 is that for geometry that comes close to the x-y extents of the file there appears to be the risk of losing some of the corresponding laser path.

Here are the geometry and laser paths for that case. Note here, too, the lower right corner fillets in both rectangular shapes have been screwed up in the laser path as well as the right edge of the big circle getting clipped in the laser path.

Sorry for the late reply.

Could you please send me the DXF files so that we can check it at our end?