Luban 3.15.2 not parsing SVG or DXF files

I am going to roll back to the last version. Since the update I cannot parse any DXF or SVG files I get a parsing error. Anyone else seeing this?

OK worked this out. It does not accept all SVG files. I used some different online conversion tools and it works with some not others. I can however open all the files on the laptop in drawing software. So I am not sure what the rules are to what type of SVG it will parse. Is this written anywhere?

Luban has always had a crappy, feature-poor vector file handler, but I’ve never heard of it erroring out before, just not displaying what it doesn’t understand. Do you have any files that worked in older versions that don’t work in 3.15.2?

(Basic parsing of these should not be capable of breaking in such a way unless they were insane enough to write their own XML library from scratch. That’s what SVG is: drawing instructions written in XML.)

I thought they all worked before I upgraded, but maybe not!.

I have found it dislikes those created in Illustrator, I thought that was the defacto standard?

I also wondered if it was a size thing. Going to experiment with same file created smaller and see what happens.

It shows 25% then gives an error.

Looking to see what other programs people use for CNC

Adobe Illustrator is the standard in some quarters for vector illustration, but its SVG implementation is an afterthought at best. It prefers its own native file formats. Inkscape is generally recommended for working with the SVG format specifically, rather than vector illustration in general.

I believe Fusion 360 is often preferred for CNC by the members of the board here, but it may be overkill for your use case (and the free version doesn’t support the rotary module, if that’s a concern).

I’ve had a problem on occasion with Luban balking at svg files. Definitely has even more problems with dxf, so I don’t even bother.
If you open any svg file in inkscape and then save as simple svg from inkscape it seems to fix whatever is going on that’s stopping luban from handling them. That’s my workaround.
The other workaround is saving as a png from whatever program and then using inkscape to convert to “trace bitmap”. It does a really great job converting to vector.
Lastly, for any program you use you’ll need to convert text (or objects) "to paths’ or “to curves”(or whatever your graphic programs calls it. For some reason the nomenclature is different for every graphic program. Otherwise the text will sometimes vanish.
The one other thing inkscape does well and easily is to “resize page to selection”. That way you know the size shown in Luban is accurate and not counting white space.