Snapmaker Luban adds lines to SVG Laser Engraver

So I am trying to cut a very specific shape but when I process the image in Snapmaker Luban it automatically adds extra lines to a section which would be completely pointless. How can I stop it from doing this?

I made the SVG with inkscape

Share your actual file.
I suspect you have a set of points that you need to cut.
Sometimes adding a point right next to a point and then deleting the other one will fix it.

First, welcome @MyrddynEmrys

Please share your file here and I will check the file at my end.


50mm with

Luban doesn’t have a complete SVG implementation. Don’t try to give it anything but ordinary paths and simple primitive shapes. Your file uses clipping, which I’m pretty sure is not supported.

@MyrddynEmrys , @ElloryJaye is right and the clippath is not supported in Snapmaker Luban.

Sorry for the inconvenience.