Issue with Luban processing Vector SVG for laser print

Looking to see if there are any tips / tricks as I’m having difficulty processing vector file to only cut / engrave the actual image but every time it previews the job it shows extra lines (see images of mother’s day project below)

I’ve tried vector engraving, line-filled, dot-filled, basswood cutting, basswood engraving -etc. and can’t seem to figure it out. I threw SVG into Inkscape and didn’t see any ‘hidden’ lines.

I’m unable to share more than one embedded media due to being a ‘new user’ but the triangle within the circle in the below and the other lines that are hopefully seen as being out-of-place are what i’m referencing

Any insight would be greatly appreciated

Does Luban indicate that these are engraving lines (movement with the laser on) or travel lines (movement with the laser off)

I am unsure how to check if these are movement lines or not.

I did initially think it was a movement line and printed anyways and it came out with those lines having the same ‘cut’ toolpath as the other whole image.

I’ve attached how the vector looks on my end before G-code generation

I think I’m seeing little tiny gaps in your lines at some points corresponding to the corners of the quadrilateral overlaid on the main graphic. That might make Luban join the line segments improperly in an attempt to get a closed path. If there really are holes there, try closing them.

Thanks! I’ll give it a try