Loading filament problems


From the very beginning I had a lot of trouble getting the filament loaded. Like, my thumbs literally hurt from pressing the button.

Ive had some successful prints since then, but in my latest one (a 24hour print) there was a jam and the print didn’t finish, and the filament needed to be re-fed. Once again, the amount of trouble Im having to feed the filament is unreal. If there is a clog or a jam, what steps does one take to: A - see if this is the case, B - fix it?


I’ve also been having the hardest time loading. The button is really tight and it aggravates my carpal tunnel to have to press it for the time it takes for me to get the filament to feed. It seems like a toggle would be a better idea for the next version? I’ve found also cutting the filament at too sharp an angle to be counter productive. When I cut it blunter, it seems easer to feed.


Also have a look for the 3D printed attachment that wraps around the 3D unit and makes pressing the button easier. I am not sure where it is and if I find the reference I will post it.


Here’s the 3D printed attachment @doug was referring to: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3138637. Pretty nice design but I have not printed it myself.


I just setup my Kickstarter printer even though it’s been sitting in the box for months. I actually built the enclosure first and then went and built the printer itself.

I’ve leveled the printer and cannot get the provided PLA to load no matter what I do. It will not feed through. I’ve tried pressing the button really hard (the nozzle is at 200 degrees) and it would appear the filament is somehow getting bent inside the print head enclosure. I was thinking of changing the print heads to see what was going on inside the print head enclosure but there don’t seem to be any instructions on how to even do that.

I need to take a break and do something else.

And I haven’t even been able to print a sample yet. Not a great start.



Guess the filament is broken in the 3D Printing Module, you can refer to instructions to push out the filament inside(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KiRMCeFDIR8).


Perhaps you’re pressing too hard ! ?

It’s my experience that I press the button all the way and then back off just a little while I’m feeding the filament. I can physically feel when it enters and then I push and get a string issue from the nozzle, then I can let go of the button.

I find it’s very important to make sure about 10 mm or 4 inches of the filament is straightened as well as possible, and also that the end of the filament is cut about 45°.

From the beginning I’ve never had any problems loading filament using this procedure.