Loading filament problems

Got my Snapmaker assembled but cannot load the filament. I have followed the directions and reattached all the cords. The nozzle head does not seem to be heating up when I place my finger close to it - after I hit Controls > Change filament > Confirm. After the Next button turns blue and I push the feeder button and insert the filament, nothing happens. The filament does not feed through.


I have found that the button is much more difficult to fully press than you would expect. I would suggest trying to press the button with the print head detached from the x-axis to get a feel for how much pressure is required. It took me a few tries to actually get the filament to load through.

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When you hit “change filament” it should take you to a screen that shows a target temp of 200 degrees Celsius. Is it not heating up to 200? Is it just sitting at room temp?

If the nozzle isn’t heating up you will not be able to feed the filament.

No, it is not heating up.

Also, I found that if you push the button - strongly, and feed it some, and then release the button, and then push the button again, it will help to load the filament. All while keeping constant pressure on pushing the filament into the top of the printhead.

Sometimes it seems that the filament goes away inside of the head somehow.
First it gets a good grip but nothing comes out of the nozzle.
If you pull out the filament again it has been buckled somehow.
Try to straighten the end of the filament (if possible) to achieve better results.

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Please make sure the button on the controller is in the on position. It seems silly, but when you plug the usb cable into the computer the screen will turn on. However, until you flip the switch into the on position on the controller none of the fans spin up. If the controller isn’t on the unit won’t heat. Don’t try forcing the filament in until the module has warmed up.

Once that is confirmed I would also try reseating the cables going from the controller to the print module and from the controller to the heated bed. Pull them fully out and push them back in. Do this with the unit fully off. Then power on and see if it will heat.

Please let me know the results and we can go from there.

My nozzle heats up prpoerly but it is very hard to fill a new filament that ist’t neary to perfect straight (PET doesn’t stay as straight as PLA sif you bend it).
The gear grips the filament nicely but the tip of the filament (cut at 30-45°) doesn’t go into the nozzle itself but gets bended aside.I need 5-8 trys to get the new filament in so I gues that should be improved.


I dread swapping filament for the exact issue that you described. I too hope some improvement can be made. I haven’t opened the module to see what all is going on in there, but I would think some kind of guide could be added?

I think the OPs issue is that the module isn’t even heating up though.

Yes, the button is on and the fan running. However, nothing else happens.

One thing that I fond that makes loading the filament load into the SnapMaker easier is to trim the end of the filament at between a 40 to 60 degree angle. Also make sure that the extruder has heated to 200 degrees C before you attempt to shove the filament in to the print module and then, just like the illustration on the print head shows, push the button in with the thumb of one hand while heading the filament with the other hand.

The filament change is not the fastest of my 3D printers but it is not by far not my slowest as long as I remember to trim the filament.

Thank you! I finally got filament loaded and everything is in order except after leveling the bed and sending something to print the extruded does not lower to the bed for the print. It homes itself and starts to move down but stops and starts the print 5 or 6 inches from the plate.

Given that you were able to level the bed and the printer homes itself I suspect there is an issue with the contents of the G-Code file you are attempting to print.

How are you generating your 3D print file? Are you using Snapmaker3D or CURA 15.04?

When you generate the file are you making sure that the object actually placed on the bottom (Z -= 0) center of the build platform?

If you open your G Code file in a text editor you should have a section of the file near the top of the file that reads like this

;Filament used: 0m
;Layer height: 0.2

;Generated with Cura_SteamEngine 2.7.0
M104 S200
M109 S200

;Start GCode begin
G28 ;Home
G90 ;absolute positioning
G1 X-4 Y-4
G1 Z0 F3000

There is a good reference (http://marlinfw.org/docs/gcode/M104.html) that is helpful to decoding Marlin compatible G Code files.

M104 - Set Hotend Temperature
M109 - Wait for Hotend Temperature
G28 - Auto Home
G90 - Absolute Positioning
G1 - Linear Move

In the above example there is no M140 - Set Bed Temperature as I have issues with my heated bed and I am running with it disabled until I receive my replacement bed.

When ever I observer bizarre behaviors such as you have described I save (export) the G Code into a file so that it can be examined using a text editor or run through one of the on-line simulators to be checked for anomalies.

If you are interested in using a GCode Print Simulator to check you code there is a JAVA one on Thingiverse (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:44286) that I have found useful when I do not want to wasted filament.


I’m using the sample files from snap3D. I have made adjustments but I’m beginning to think the heated bed is flawed, in addition to the code file. I have imported files but have the same results. Thanks for the suggestions. I will keep at it.

I’m curious…I received a thumb drive/usb but there is no slot for it. I only have a slot for the micro sd card. Is this the same with other early purchases?

@vispecialist07 look on the back of your heated bed in position R15. It should have a component like the one in the attached picture.


If it does not looks like the attached picture contact @Rainie and @walker and the explain the issues you are having…

Thank you for the photo it is very helpful.

The USB adapter is just so you can plug the SD card into your computer if you didn’t happen to have an SD card reader on your PC.

Had the same problem… glad I’m not the only one… After many tries and much frustration I got it to feed… On to the first print. Thanks everyone.

I can’t get the heatsink off, bolt heads came stripped. :unamused:

As you can see from the picture the filament comes through off track. If you are lucky enough to get it through the hob gear, it’s pure luck to get it to feed in to the hot end.

Soon as I get the heatsink off, I will post the rest of my findings.

And yes I’m fully aware that probably voided my warranty. :unamused::pensive::confused: