Linear Module defective and FW Feedback

Hi there,

I recieved my kickstarter A250 around 3 weeks ago and have been printing some tests since. I had the same issues as others with bed leveling so i upgraded happily to the FW with a 5x5 autolevel grid. That seemed to make things a little bit better.

I switched to PETG a few days ago and had some issues getting a proper first layer. I did several calibration runs till today the calibration run failed. It made a loud noise on moving in Y direction and didn’t move the bed to the first calibration point. Instead it drove the nozzle right into the printing bed (see first picture).

I then aborted the calibration and went on with test prints. PROBLEM IS: Although you DO NOT save the calibration process (as i used the backwards arrow in the upper left corner of the touch screen) it saves or resets the z-offset. That resulted in a printing head deeply carcing into the print sheet (see second picture)

So I tried to move the Y Axis with the touchscreen and sometimes it made that loud noise again but sometimes not. I dismantled the heating bed and the transport platform to check if it was an issue with bended parts or something.

When i then tried to move in y direction you see that one the right linear module does not move at all (see video) video of movement

I already checked if it was a faulty cable but switching them up didn’t change anything also the next step prooves that something seems to be off with the linear module.

when i try moving them by hand i can feel that with the faulty one i need much more force then with the working one (see video) video of manual movement

I opened up the upper cap (that one with no cable) to check if something was inside the module like other users reported, but everything looked normal.

I’m also contacting support@ with this issue and hopefully can get a replacement asap as I’m in the middle of printing covid masks :frowning_face:

I think the current FW needs to check the calibration process so that the offset doesn’t get saved although the whole process is canceled. At least that could have saved my printing sheet. Now it may be pure coincidence but can it be that something changed with the calibration process and the used speeds? I noticed that after a downgrade and using the calibration the loud noise happened less often.

Sorry for this confusing thread, i hope i can give some details in solving the issue.

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second picture of the carved printing bed is here as i’m only allowed to post one picture and two links in one post :grimacing:

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I am having a similar issue with the X axis linear module. I start the print, leave it alone, come back an hour later to see the print head only moving back and forth in Y and slowly up in Z. I cancel the print, can not move the X axis with the touchscreen controls. I restart the printer, X is able to move again. I start another print, same story again :confused:

Hi @Nikola, I will PM you.

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I wonder if the connector to the X-axis module is having issues? I would try plugging and unplugging the connector a number of times in order to sort of clean the contacts.

There could be something showing up in the log.

Actually, there is a silicone pad (silica pad) on the circuit bard inside the linear module, which is used for heat dissipation.
See images:

The chip will stop working without it due to the heat generated by the current.

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Hey there,

First of all thanks Edwin for the fast support! Finally (package was delayed due to unknown circumstances in Ganzhou) the linear module arrived and is now roking like a charm. I hope the silicone pad is mounted on this one :wink:

So thanks again! my issue i resolved with the new linear module!


I am experiencing this same x axis problem. It used to be just after a print finished. I would have to power cycle after each file. Now it has just started shutting off the axis in the middle of the print. I just lost a 20 hour print 17 hours in due to this problem. I tried to update the firmware to FW 1.8. and now it won’t run for more than a few minutes without losing the x axis. Should I open up the module to check to see if the pad is attached to the chip?

You should contact support. Maybe @Edwin can help.

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When you received the machine?
If you plug the X-axis to the Y or Z port, will it work?
After you power off the machine, if you push the slider manually, do you feel it heavier than others?

If it misses the silicone pad, after you power it off and power it on, it works again for a while. But then it will stop again.
So you can try to open the X-axis to check whether it misses the silicone pad. Thanks

I received the Snapmaker 2.0 in January 2020.
The axis works for a short time after powering off and then back on the machine. The time is not consistent.
The movement is smooth and without restriction.
I opened up the unit and there is a silicone pad, however it was not stuck to anything other than the pcb. Maybe this needs to be stuck to a specific chip?

Sorry for my late reply.
The latest firmware now is 1.9.0. Snapmaker 2.0 Firmware Updates and Downloads
How long does the X works before it stops?
Did you try another gcode?
After it stops, if you go to home, will the X-axis work?
Can you export the log? Here is a video about how to export log.
The log will go to USB stick.

im having the same problem with my right Y linear module.

the bed was making loud jam noises and did not move
I removed the bed and the right one is not moving properly.

please advise


Write a email to or open a ticket on the homepage.

One of my z linear modules locked up today. I’ve opened a case with snapmaker. I hope they can resolve it faster than the original shipment. I’ve only had it for a week.