Jammed 3D print threader

I was changing the filament in my 3D print head and I somehow snapped the filament off while in the machine. I removed the hot end and I removed the side panel. I have opened the front flip door thingy (super technical, I know) and I can’t seem to find a way to get the filament advance rolling cog out to unclog it.

You can just see the tip of the broken white filament. How can I get it out?

Take the hotend out of the tool head. The filament sticks in there.
If you are lucky you can plug in the hotend when unmounted, heat it up to about 150-160°C and pull the broken filament out (use tweezers and pliers).
If it fails mount the spare hotend.

It’s not the hot end that is clogged. I have removed that and I can see that it is just below the roller, between where the hot end connects. You can see the white filament.

I can see the position but not if yout hotend is mounted or not.
If it just sticks in the guide to the hot end, just push it out.

Ok, I get what you mean. Poke it from below instead of grabbing it from above. Thanks!

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