Independent print speeds for each head?

Hello Folks Hopefully its me being stupid and not a real big over sight by snapmaker.

Model in Pla
Bulk support Pla
Adhesion Pla
Interface Petg

I have found that I need independent print speeds for use with dual materials I’m using PetG for my support interface material on PH1 (left) and PLA for the primary material on PH2 (Right).

I want to slow down the print speed on PH1 to assist with not dragging the Petg straight off the bulk support I attempted to change Petg for The bulk support and interface to see if it would introduce a speed change but it appears to be a Global setting and not independent so any help or input would be appreciated.

I did buy this machine with the express purpose of saving time in production and massively increasing finish quality witch it has proven but any suggestion of putting up with a slower speed because it is in fact a global setting is not ideal.
Currently With the fast settings the print time is 6hrs for the part. The slower speed that id like to lay the Petg down in Makes that time rocket to 14hrs after inspecting the settings from what I can see suggests that its not independent witch is mildly irritating for the time being.

Kind regards

Printing For Production.

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What does the coding show? Asking questions is great but if we have no file or at least screen grabs of the coding from Luban how are we supposed to help? It could be anything from mismatched software v hardware settings or even where the design came from PDF file conversions come to mind, I guess you’ve explained the problem but not any details that would point to anything thus far, so we need more info

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Thank you,

well I’m new to leban unfortunately

Where am I looking for/getting that information? so that I can share it and hopefully get a work out a with you more knowledgeable folk for solution.

If you need you can point me to another post for the how too acquire that information to save you going over he same ground.

When I said coding I should have been more specific as to the .GCODE file Luban created of the model it shows the IDEX subsystem and how its being told how to slice the files and which print head to send those instructions and when. It also has the other settings you have currently saved to that specific model

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I’m away from computer my the moment but I’ll get a copy of the GCODE and post it this evening. For you to investigate at your leisure thankyou or the help by the way.

AH HA… I think, im pending a confirmation test now.

So it appears Not confirmed this yet

A: I’m Stupid
B: PH1 (Left) Holds is the Primary array of speed settings and overrides PH2 (Right) when the settings outside that menu have been set for the specific jobs of the heads.
C: I cant tell if it can be swapped on the fly. (most of this is down to an unclear menu in leban and logical working practices at this point)
D: The relevant settings in PH2 (Right) are mostly locked out when this is the case (it does work but Does not make sense when you swap the PH jobs over the settings are then wrong because they are not isolated to a Head)
E: The global speed settings can be changed in either which was throwing it all out of whack. (Why when PH1 is already overriding some settings settings I Don’t know again a Leban menu thing)
G: PH1 & PH2 should be treated separate entities properly with the full array of settings each, you can then make Material print profiles “generically” and assign them to the PH that’s relevant and then Leban automatically use the relevant settings when PH are selected to do a specific task ie Part, support, interface or what ever.

Apologies WELewis could you please wait out for me to confirm my theory. I have a test in the printer and it appears to be doing what I expect it to it will be out In Approximately 5 Hr if it doesn’t fail again.

And at the moment I’m too new here to upload any files for you to look at. when I open the Gcode in Note pad what part of the block of text should I copy for you to view?

I think I was able to reconstruct your problem. I have tried to print support roof interface with PETG and the rest of my file with PLA. I used Cura with an interface speed of 10mm/s but my machine printed much faster than that. The PETG layers were printed with the same speed of the rest of the model, not the speed that I’ve set in Cura.

Seems that the interface roof speed has no effect on the second extruder with PETG.

Stuff like this is a factor of the slicer that you use.
IMHO Luban is an over-simplified hunk of junk. Suggest using PrusaSlicer or Cura.
I use PrusaSlicer, and I do this all the time with no problem - I print Nylon on the left extruder at 100mm/s and PEBA 90A (a flexible) on the right extruder at 25mm/s

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I was under the impression that the G code Generated from prusa wouldn’t work.
So hat’s fantastic news for me I’m very familiar with prusa slicer.
Is there anything specific/specific you have to do when you set up the dual head profile?

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