Snapmaker 2.0 dual extruder supports on 4.7.3

[Using 4.7.3] I just used my dual extruder for the first time a few days ago and I’m very impressed with the quality and ease of use over the first printing head!

I’ve ran into one problem though - support generation. I wanted to try out a PLA print with PVA supports. I left it overnight and came back to a perfect PLA print, but with PVA spaghetti and no supports. I was happy that the print survived, but confused.

When I printed again, it almost looked like the PVA was trying to extrude in midair just a mm or so above the print. The gcode preview backs up this theory, seems like the supports want to just hover in mid air for all 3 support configs (regular, reliable, and no gap).

In other areas of the print, there’s no gap and the two materials make contact like they should. Have I misconfigured something or is this a bug? Sorry if this is a repeat, I searched around and couldn’t find anything.


if you are using a dissolvable support you need to set your offsets to 0.00
there are multiple options, both horizontal and vertical offsets.
But also remember you need to tune the support material the same as any other material.
Temp towers, flow calc etc.

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Awesome, thank you! I’ll give that a try, but it def fixed my gcode preview. Seems odd that such a necessary setting is in the “Advanced” section of Luban. Guess I have more research to do

I don’t use luban anymore, so I don’t know its settings

hate to say it but I recommend getting to know pursa or cura. Much better platforms.