Hi, welcome to our forum! Please introduce yourself. =)

don’t forget to look at SnapLinks -- Wiki

Welcome! Lots of help here and in the Facebook Group.

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There is a Snapmaker group within www.thingiverse.com

Hi my name is Randy from New Orleans Louisiana. I just received my first Snapmaker original. I love the way this thing is built. I have many other printers and hope to make this one my favorite. After putting it together and trying out the 3D printer, I found that the heated bed was defective due to the circuit board on the back was marked from the factory with a marks a lot that showed the defective area. I guess it got misplaced in the box and sent out with my printer. I hope this will only be a short setback.

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Contact support@snapmaker.com and @Rainie

Hi there all!

My name is Patti. I am a maker/creator who loves to paint, craft, etc. Mom of 2, step-mom of 2. Have a wonderful hubby.

My first print was a baby yoda that came out great so I am very inspired! Looking forward to seeing what this machine can do! Looking to make unique gifts and items to give away. I love making people happy with the things I make!

I don’t know anyone yet, or I would tag some folks. :slight_smile:

Great to meet you all!


Welcome Patti

You will have a great deal of fun and learning

Make sure you checkout SnapLinks -- Wiki

Also the Snapmaker group in www.thingiverse.com

Have a very great 2020


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Thanks Doug yes I have already sent them a request but I’m sure with the holidays it will take a while in the meantime I went on their website and ordered me two new beds, and three additional bed stickers and extra cables ect.

I know they have the new printer that is coming out and just want to stack up on extra parts.

Welcome to the form Patti. I am new to the form also. I have other printers but like the way this one is built and small to do those small parts with this printer

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Greetings All!

I’m David and new to the maker world. I’m an Electrical Engineer and interested in making miniatures for gaming and smaller items for my truck as a way to get started.

A new adventure begins!


Hello. I’m a newb to all this. Looking forward to learning and making real neat stuff !!


Welcome to a world and future of addictive fun.


Hi @Rainie and everyone else!

I’m a Software developer/motion graphics designer who has always had a passion for creating stuff.
I’ve been following the snapmaker team since the original Kickstarter but sadly had to bow out of my v1 pledge.
But I’m happy to say I was able to snag one of the early bird A350s which I received recently and so far I’m loving it!
Glad to finally join in on all the creative fun!

@redpatti - Good choice on Baby Yoda! That was my first print as well! :slight_smile:


I am glad you joined the party of fun… enjoy!

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I’m Leon, here in sunny South Africa. I’m new to CNC, Laser and 3D printing but identified these services that could assist me in my current hobbies. Hopefully this will open a path to a revenue stream, small scale at first but who knows…



I’m Kaeli. I recently received my A350, and it’s my first foray into the world of 3d printing, or any of the SM modes. Very much looking forward to getting the difficulties with my machine worked out!


Welcome! Lots of good info around here. Good general advise to be had.


Welcome Kaeli! There isn’t too much SM2 specific areas yet here on the forum, simply because the number of people who have received them is still low. I’m sure over time it will be a great place.

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Hello everyone. My name is Elmer and I’m a retired systems design engineer. My interest is in making custom brackets, mounts, and customizing/decorating parts/assemblies.


Welcome to the group. You will have fun here. I am a retired IT professional and started with the first Snapmaker two years ago as a complete newbie… I now have a Snapmaker 2 model A350 and it is great.

Keep having fun


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