Hi, welcome to our forum! Please introduce yourself. =)


Thanks im New
I will receive my Snapmaker sometime today
I will need help figuring out everything


Hi @Tstanfordjr

Take your time, read the supplied documentation, read article in the forum and there are many great hints, ideas and references in SnapLinks.

It will not take you long until you are having as much fun as the rest of us.



Hello Everyone!

I am obviously new to this forum, but I am excited to get my new SnapMaker 2.0 when it arrives. I have so many project ideas and I am super happy that i can do them all on one machine. I am an outdoor enthusiast and have projects that will help with a number of things that have to do with hunting, fishing, shooting, camping, off roading and many more. I hope to pick up some pointers from people that are more familiar with the machines and what they can do.



Hi @TangoCharlie

Welcome to the party. Start reading the forum articles. There are plenty of great learning references in Snaplinks so make sure you look at these.

Join Thingiverse, it is free and has many great projects to print. There is also a Snapmaker Group where clever members have uploaded some great tools and creations.

Keep having fun



Hello Makers! My name is Jim and I just got my Snapmaker Original and have started with 3D printing. So far I love it! I am an Electrical Engineer by trade and I purchased this device as a hobbyist hoping to make some fun things for the kids and around the house. I am exploring workflows at the moment, but will move on to Laser Engraving and CNC in a bit. Glad to be part of this wonderful community.


Hey Guys and Gals! I’m Josh from Arkansas. I’m totally new to all this. I’m looking forward to getting the new SnapMaker from KickStarter. I like to do woodworking and thought a laser engraver and CNC could help make things easier and more detailed. Now I’ve just got to learn how to do what I want using all this different software. I am pretty decent at Photoshop so I’m hoping there is a way to convert what I do in there to what I’m wanting to do with SnapMaker, or at least find something similar that I can grasp easily. Any software recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I’ll be surfing the forums to see what I find.


Welcome @jmostl and @jmac2404

Make sure you check out the great references for learning at Snaplinks

Keep having fun



Hello! My father and I are just getting into 3D printing. He comes from a mechanical engineering background while I come from software. We have a Snapmaker 1 and have jointly invested in the Snapmaker 2 Kickstarter and looking forward to more 3D printing in the future. So far we’ve made a planetary gearbox and he’s working on printing a robotic hand!



I’m Dave and live in the US not far from Washington, DC. I work as an engineer for a software company to pay the bills. However in my free time I am “serial hobbyist”. Love to tinker with and dabble in many things…and never becoming an expert at anything :slight_smile: So the Snapmaker 2 (SM) that I just ordered should afford me much tinkering and dabbling.

My current hobbies are plastic modeling and astrophotography. I have plans for the SM to fulfill projects in both hobbies.

I’ve owned a large CNC (4x8 CNCRouterParts) in past but sold it as it was just too big for my real needs. Been toying with the idea of getting a 3D printer for several years and believe the SM will be a ideal choice to satisfy my curiosities.


Hi Dave

From Australia, welcome to the party… most of us are tinkerers, newbies, learning and sharing. Don’t forget to checkout the many useful references in Snaplinks.

Keep having fun



Thanks for the welcome and the reference Doug!




Hi everyone, my name is Dawit am from Ethiopia. And i believe am the only one in Ethiopia with a snapmaker. Am a full time music producer but graduated in computer science. And always want to try something new. And this is one of the things i tryed. Am glad to be in this community. :pray::blush::pray:


Hi Dawit

Welcome to the community. You will find people here with varied skills, qualifications, experience and interest.

We are all having fun learning and sharing.

Take care and have a great week.

Doug (from Australia)


My name is Leo

I am a scientist (more precisely my occupation is optical microscopy in biological research) but I am also a hobbist and DIY person. I don’t own yet a 3D printer, but I am sure the technology can have many useful and fun applications for what I do or want to do. When I heard about snapmaker 2 I got triple excited because the combination of techniques can triple the applications. I want to learn more about this machine, capabilities and also limitations.


Welcome Leo

You have a wealth of experience in this forum, so I am sure you will learn a good deal. No machine is perfect, what is great about the Snapmaker, aside from its triple functionality, is what it will do to you.

Many of us have changed in that the Snapmaker has developed us, expanded our thoughts on what can be made and achieved, enticed us to try things. This community will happily keep you company on your journey.

Make sure you look at references in Snaplinks

Watch for Snapmaker announcements from the wonderful Rainie Zou @Rainie

Keep having fun.



Hi all, I’m Josh. I’ve been building and using 3D printers for around 5 years now and just got myself a snapmaker to add laser/cnc to my manufacturing arsenal.
I’m a documentary cameraman by trade and generally use all these gadgets for making accessories for work.


Hi Josh

Welcome to the best community forum on the web. I am sure you will have fun with your Snapmaker like all of us.

We look forward to your post and contributions.

Keep having fun



Hi Rainie,

I have recently received my snapmaker and have been trying to get some help with a few issues. I have sent and email to the company (this was about 3D printing which is turning out to be much easier than laser engraving) , responded to the feedback requested via email after purchase (expressing some of the challenges with laser engraving) and have been reading the forum looking for answers. I just created an account on the forum but cant seem to see where or how to make a post. I am so very excited to create the products I purchased the snapmaker for but am also getting very frustrated with the results and trying to get some assistance.

Thank you for your assistance.



Hi everyone, my name is Rob and i came across this when looking for good value entry level laser engravers. I have purchased a SM1 and waiting for it to arrive. I will be mainly engraving cylinder objects for my new small business… so I’ll see how good the user-made rotary accessories are :slight_smile: Awesone work anyway!


Good Morning. I’m Paul, I live in Florida. I just ordered my Snapmaker yesterday. I’m looking forward to receiving it and learning how to use it. I have never done any 3D printing, laser engraving or CNC carving before, so I will be on here seeking knowledge. How long does it typically take to receive the machine? I’m guessing I have time to read through the many articles here and see what others have done.