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Here are some examples: :wink:

  1. 3D Printing – Making High-Precision Prototypes: See how high the resolution you can get with Snapmaker. The surface is as smooth as being polished with wax! Does that meet your requirements?

  2. Laser Engraving – Making Artware: Except for the color, the tiger is exactly the same as it is in the real world! Even the beard is precisely engraved.

  3. CNC Carving – Making Stamps: Whether you need a stamp yourself or you make a profit out of it, you can make it with the Snapmaker. It’s easy and quick!

Rainie and @poundteam

Here is an idea for all artistic Snapmaker’s, why not adorn your Snapmaker. I look at this new technology as a piece of art and an owner could design adornments to attach to non-moveable parts to personalise it. My terribly modified image has a Darth Vader head atop the upright and a dragon nameplate on the base. As long as the adornments do not interfere with the Snapmaker operation you could add all manner of adornments, created with the Snapmaker. I thought a Chinese dragon head instead of Darth Vader would be great.

As another suggestion: I intend using the CNC unit because of its accuracy to KERF cut some acetate panels to facilitate easier bending, with a heat gun. You could also do this on wood.


Hi @doug, you do have lots of great ideas! Keep sharing! I may choose some ideas and do some tests. :grin:

one of the task that I will use the Snapmaker for, is to make some hinges. I make use of the aluminuim based Tetrix MAX and PRIME robotics kits from www.pitsco.com. The kits have a great variety of parts to build robots, however no hinges. I will have a go at making some knuckle and elbow hinges to fit, similar to those from www.microrax.com 188 206

There are .stl files available online for the Tetrix parts, which I will look to download, modify and print some plastic bespoke versions for my project.

Imagine a dog tag type nameplate that contains the users name and their Kickstarter number and purchase date that could be attached to the base.

Rainie, another idea … thinking outside the dots. Use the CNC as a Vinyl cutter… here is an article/video on doing it.Snapmakers could could cut out small vinyl decals. https://hackaday.com/2015/10/07/turning-your-cnc-into-a-vinyl-cutter/
I found a cutting bit at https://hackaday.com/2015/10/07/turning-your-cnc-into-a-vinyl-cutter/

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Actually we did make a tag for the very early adopters. :sunglasses:

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Maybe you could create a template available for download that new users could make their own nameplate with.

Keep having fun

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A question about complexities of laser etching. Could the laser etcher reproduce the graphic below? are there limitations that you can share? Do’s and Don’ts etc

Hey, @doug Check this out. first trial, I hope you like it. ^ ^.
It took approximately 3 Hour. 30mm x 42mm
Biggest limitation I think is its power. It only can cut paper. LoL


David, This is fantastic. I have a friend in New York who is a 4th Dan “yondan” in Goshinkan Jujitsu and I can see me making some great gifts for her. Thank you very much for trying this, it is very much appreciated. The demo’s you are doing just shows the versatility of of what the Snapmaker is capable of. Take care and have a great day.


Now I have a tricky challenge for you to test the versatility of Snapmaker. You will need some artistic imagination on this one. Use the Snapmaker components in any order; etch an image with the laser then swap laser for the CNC and carve out elements of the image, or CNC carve then laser etch. Possibly print a 3D plastic frame/surround first, insert a small wooden panel into it, then etch and carve… all three attachments used on the one challenge!

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This badge is laser engrave then CNC cutting. This is quite a simple idea.
These days we are busy with fulfilling Kickstarter Beta Early Adopter.
So a week or two later, we will try more. and by that time, users in this forum will receive their Snapmaker.
We can see more creativity from the community. ^ ^


I like your idea of challenge, lol~

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We can call it the PEC Challenge (PEC = Print Etch Cut):grin:

I thought of making some medals and give to friends to make fun of of them. I found blank medals at http://www.expressmedals.com/Medals-s/145390.htm?filter.Award%20Type=Blank%20Insert%20Medal&page=1 and I am sure there are many, many more suppliers. I will test the CNC on some of these.

Yes! the PEC Challenge is perfect!

The current machine can not carve on metal I think, because the speed of CNC modular is too small, we are developing a larger and more powerful CNC with much more larger scale, it may cut medals

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I thought if the CNC could handle soft metals like aluminuim and with a very low/shallow depth cut, that some etching may be possible. I am sure a softly softly approach will teach us what is possible and what is not :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Sorry for replying late, these days are really busy :expressionless:

I don’t catch your point of “teaching us what is possible or what is not”, it sounds interesting, could you explain it further?