Hi, welcome to our forum! Please introduce yourself. =)


Hi there. I’m Julian from Singapore.
I just set up the Snapmaker but I’ve been having issues getting the laser to work. I’ve got the original laser and the 1600mW laser.


What issues; you need to describe in detail the problem or no one can help you.



Ah…apologies everyone! I realised how verbal and non-descriptive that statement is.

Simply put. I hooked up the snapmaker to my Mac and fired up the program, followed instructions to activate a simple laser job and no laser appeared. The SM’s arms were moving according to the text i had on the screen though.

I then set the power to 6% and tried clicking the focus button but no laser appeared too.


Hi @JulianJM !
Does your laser modules work with the touch display?
6% should work with both to focus.
Before you start the job in the Software you have to enter the power percentage, press set and then save.


My name is Simon Spencer, and I am an MSc student at Univeristy of Sussex. As someone with certain disabilities, however, I have been unsatisfied both with the pricing and expandability of wearable peripherals for XR, so in 2015, I quietly launched a startup called Rushboard Technologies.

Rushboard’s first project, PALADIN, is be a hand interface designed initially for children aged 8-18yrs, using a modular attachment ecosystem. Divided into two products, PALADIN Kids is a mainstream wearable, whilst PALADIN Hero is a prosthetic for limb difference users… if successful, versions for adults will then be developed, which will include a commercial license.

For more information, please visit www.rushboardtech.com

UPDATED 20th Sept 2018: I bought the Starter Kit tonight, so should receive it next week.


Hi everybody, I’m Paolo and I don’t know what I will do with my SnapMaker :smiley:


Hello @Kagliostro71

Doug the not so new newbie, welcome to our party. Many of us started just like you. Take your time, read the supplied documents, watch the tutorials. There is a wealth of material on the Snaplinks topic, A little bit of trial and error and you will get there.

Many great projects are available on Thingiverse, it is free to register and there is a Snapmaker group. see Snapmaker Projects

Keep having fun



HI all, I’m Cedric.
New to the 3D/laser/CNC world !

See you around =D


Welcome @CedricLCF

Doug the not so new newbie here.Welcome to the party, make sure you look at Snaplinks for many great references and learning aids.

If you have not already joined Thingiverse consider joining, it is free and contains many great 3D printing projects. Thingiverse has a Snapmaker group.

Keep having fun!



I already post some questions !


I’m from South of Germany :mountain_snow:
My profession? Around 30 years ago I started as a toolmaker, I grinded carbide inserts for cutting tools for CNC machines onto CNC-machines now I’m sell them.

I found the first information about snapmaker with a good report at the German dealer “Reichelt”.
After that I were excited about the possibilities.
I have so much Ideas what I could use it for, or what I could make.
So today I ordered it :grin:
I hope that I’m will be not disappointed :sweat_smile:

So here I am.


Welcome @Weltraumvogel

Doug the (now, the not so) newbie here. many of us have started with now experience at all in 3D printing, laser etching or CNC engraving and we are having a great time. We realise the Snapmaker is not a heavy duty industrial machine, however it is a great hobbyist machine.

So have some fun, read the forum, checkout the Snaplinks Topic

Thingiverse has a Snapmaker group with many projects to get you started.



Hey there I’m JerJer from Belgium, received my Snapmaker begin this year and haven’t used it yet due to the problems I’ve got with it :’(

Due to having lack of time I didn’t find the problem which is causing this.


hello @JerJer

You need to define the problem in detail and maybe one of our knowledgeable users can assist you.

Have a great weekend



Hello there Doug!

Here is my situation with the 3D Printing Module: Heating problem / Change Filament

Kind regards,


Hi All, just another newbie here… Hobbiest and I just ordered my snapmaker. Havn’t received it yet but I’m prepping for the great adventure with 3D printing… cheers


Hi @Tigsdigs

You are going to have such a good time with the Snapmaker. It is not all easy, however a little care and patience and you will be like the rest of us having fun.



Bonjour à tous.
Nouveau sur le forum, et bientôt possesseur d’une machine, je pense avoir besoin de conseils, idées et astuces.
Je suis modeliste ferroviaire (ech: On30 ----Echelle Américaine, et pour vous situer, des trains de cow-boys )
Je fait des batiments, que je fait actuellement découper par des prestataires.
:alien:1-La machine découpe t-elle du bois (ep:3mm)
:alien:2-Quels logiciels utilisez-vous?
:alien:3-Il va falloir m’ aider pour l’impression 3D, car là, c’est nouveau pour moi.

:alien:-Merci de m’acceuillir dans votre forum.


Hello @cback

hahaha I had to translate you message to English.

Doug, the newbie here, welcome to the world’s fastest growing party and I hope you have some fun with all of us. A good start for you, if you have not already found it, is the Snaplinks page, which contains many great references that will help you.

Keep having fun



Hello all Jim here,
Hobby machinist and Professional Controls Engineer, got my Snapmaker a couple weeks ago and really enjoying it. Hope to get some time to catch up on this forum and learn a thing or two. I am waiting for my laser cutting add on module anything I need to know about it?