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There certainly shouldn’t be any problem with the laser burning in. Black absorbs all light. As @doug mentioned, laser engraving on black leather will likely come out as black on black or at least dark brown on black, so it won’t have much contrast.


Hi @helen

As many of us are learning, experience is the best teacher. The lasering may even just blast off the outer coloured layer of the leather and expose a light colour underneath. Do you have a collar that you can experiment on? give it a go.

Keep having fun



Hi @helen

I found a small piece of fake leather and did these images, they are only 20mm wide. The triple image is with 80%, 90% and 100% laser power

As I said previously jump in and give it a try

Keep having fun



thank you. i have some extra black leather collars and will try to blast off the top layer.


Hi all. Looking forward to getting the most use out of this forum. Will mostly use the Snapmaker to do D&D figurine printing!


Hello @Aokuang

Doug the newbie here; you will have a good time. The Forum is positive, with a great range of users from newbies to experts. There is a great collection of observations, questions and advice in the Forum, so enjoy it.

Make sure you explore the Snaplinks Topic SnapLinks -- Wiki

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So how many Kickstarter backers never received their printers? I have patiently waited for over a year to receive mine, ordered the 3 in 1 back in April 2017.
I losing hope with Snapmaker. I have sent them numerous emails and they have not responded to even one of them.
If this is the way this company operates, I’ll sell mine as soon as it comes, because if there was ever a problem with it, I doubt they would even be there to help. Thanks


Hi @Durango22

Have you contacted @Rainie ? This message now will.

Stay strong



Hello - I’m Greg from Australia. Keen to try CNC milling and 3D printing to help with my large-scale model building. I also would like to print my son’s designs to help with his film making.

Let’s go!


Hi @2805662

Doug the newbie here (Brisbane based) , welcome to the party. Make sure toy look at the Snaplinks topic for many great references and if you not already done so, sign up to www.thingiverse.com it is free and there is a great Snapmaker collection of projects there ready to download and print.

Keep having fun … you will soon find out that the Snapmaker becomes addictive



Thanks Doug - have tried some prints from Thingiverse. Had some issues with the Z axis not moving upward more than 40mm? I think that was the Snapmaker, not the files.


Hi @2805662 @Rainie

A few have struck this issue, scan this forum for information suggestions. I would also recommend that you send an email to support@snapmaker.com

I included Rainie Zou on this reply. Rainie is a main contact at Snapmaker and is excellent, definitely overworked and extremely hard working; so be patient. Keep in mind this is not Apple or Microsoft… it is a start up business with a small group of dedicated, talented and energetic staff… and it is growing (and no I am not an employee). After being involved in a few startups, they guys are busting their ass to do everything right.

You will also find other Forum members are exceptionally helpful and many are exceptionally talented… and I am learning heaps by trying things and learning from those talented individuals.

Keep having fun, that is why we are here,



As you may read in other posts swapping one of your other axes may solve your problem. You really want your strongest actuator for the Z because it is under the greatest load.


Hi, I am Frank.
I am currently trying to set up my Snapmaker 2 and 3 at Home.
I want to use them as a multitool for all that comes along :wink:


I’m Phil in Florida, I have been tinkering around with my snap maker for a few weeks, my first nozzle failed me on the first few prints as filament was oozing out of the connection where there is a teflon looking washer. The replacement hotted was installed after I found a new thermistor as my other broke as I tried to remove it from the nozzle block coated with ooze. I’ve had several long prints that have worked well and it is nice to have something get things off of a screen and printed. I would love to have a larger format as it seems many of the things I would like to print are larger than the limited build plate size. I would love to see a multi-color module someday that can take the primary colors and black and white to print some really cool things in the future. Still haven’t figured out using the laser on plastics etc. but I’m just glad to finally have my snap maker after an extremely long wait.


I’ve been lurking around here for a while without noticing this post. I guess I should introduce myself.

I’m Ron Lawrence. I live in Parker, Colorado, USA, and I like to make all sorts of stuff. Electronics, woodworking, 3d printing, etc,etc… So much different stuff, that I don’t always make great progress on everything :wink:

I’m a “full stack developer” and I write code for a living (lately angular, python, ruby, java)

I’m also writing a snapmaker plugin for octoprint, but I’ve got limited time to spend on it. I welcome any contribution! See https://ron-linkertech.github.io/octoprint-snapmaker-control/ if you want details on this.

I love my snapmaker, not because of the printer, but because I can try cnc cutting, carving, etc. I have a few other 3d printers, so while the snapmaker is certainly also a good, if small, printer, I do most of my printing elsewhere.

I will likely move along at some point to other, larger cnc platforms, but this will let me try it out in small scale first and make my mistakes in millimeters on cheap material instead of meters on the expensive stuff.


Hi guys,

I’m Nico, from Canelones, Uruguay. I’ve been having a very good time with the Snapmaker. This is the first time I’ve tried 3d printing, and except for the hands of a Bender robot, so far I’ve been quite successful with my prints.

Have not tried the CNC or Laser engraver yet, but looking forward to it.


You picked a good one as your first one. I had a Micro+ that was never reliable and now I’m struggling to get a Promega up and running. My Snapmaker has been a workhorse. In fact, I’m using it to print some upgrade parts for the Promega. :slight_smile:


Czesc wszystkim.

My name is Al. I’m a Engineer in the computer field.
I do mostly scripting for automation of firmware, software and OS installations and updates as well as writing work instructions for techs. I’m a amateur woodworker, I make those wood pens you see ppl selling also I’m a gear head from waaaaaaay back and in another life I was a printer. I bought the snapmaker to get some learnin about CNC operation and software and so far I’ve been having a ball. Just in case you couldn’t guess by my screen name I’m of Polish decent. 2nd generation to be specific and yes I know a little Polish. Mostly the words grandpa would say with great feeling and conviction which of course got my mouth washed out when I said them in front of my parents.


Hello @oldepollock

Doug the newbie here, welcome to the party. The forum is great, many talented users and we are all learning and sharing. Have a look at Snaplinks Wiki for many great links to add to your knowledge. If you are not already using Thingiverse, sign up to it and search for the Snapmaker projects.

Keep having fun