Hi, welcome to our forum! Please introduce yourself. =)


Hello @FSD333
There were two posts shared on our facebook group about the testing settings for laser engraving and cutting:
Hope this would be helpful.


Hi @FSD333

Make sure you have a look at the Snaplinks Page

Keep having fun



My name is Brian and I was born and raised in Toronto Canada but am now living in Switzerland. I’ve been a computer and techno freak since the late 50s early 60s building mock computers out of cardboard boxes and super-8 reels as a child. My first introduction to programming was done via punch cards and paper tape.

Later in college I was introduced to the Univac with large wired core memory frames. In the early 80s I worked selling calculators and video game consoles and was privileged to get my hands on the first Commodore PET computer sold in Canada which I learned to program in Basic.

I built my first computer from scratch based on the 6503 chip - the little brother of the famous 6502 as used in the original Apples, Commodore Pets BBC Micros etc and great grandfather of the ARM (Acorn Risc Machine) Processors in use today. This first computer which runs at 1 MHz, has a 2 digit display, hexadecimal keypad, program storage on tape cassettes and must be programmed in pure machine language is still in operation to this day - D/A interfaced to a moog like synthesizer.

Later I bought an Acorn Atom on which I also learned Lisp and Forth programming, and for which I designed and built a Modem Interface and communication software for connecting to the various BBS systems prevalent at that time as well as the fledgling Internet which was just beginning to open up.

I am an Electronic Engineering Technician and currently work for an international company which designs and produces conveyance systems, as an IT support specialist creating customized solutions and databases as well as overseeing a number of CAD systems in use.
Now nearing retirement I have a number of hobbies, music recording and production, astronomy, woodworking, and now “Snapmaking”. I chose the Snapmaker because of its multifunctionality as well as it’s robust and precision mechanics and was also very inmpressed by it’s development team.:+1: :ok_hand:.


Welcome @BriHar

Glad to hear old techo’s are still around… I started programming in FORTRAN IV on an ICL 1901a running the George 3 operating system in 1971. In 1973 I moved to an IBM 360 50i and so on for years I was Systems Programmer/Engineer. I programmed in many languages. Retired and now program in Visual Basic.NET and love playing with the Snapmaker.

This Forum has many great and talented users and sharing of ideas/information is exceptional.

So have some fun




i am Thorsten. I am interested in 3D Printing since the first Concept of RepRap Community was published - but never owned or build a 3D Printer. This Modell i just ordered today.

I owned my first Computer in 1987 (Atari ST), I am 45 years old and actual I am in a re qualification program to get an software developer which was 2 years full-time and ended now in January 2019.

I worked in IT-Support the last 20 years and bought hard- und software for companies and also worked as IT-Supporter.

I used Music Programms since Atari ST Sequenzer like Steinberg. In 2008 I switched vom PC to Mac.

In the 80er Years I started a little bit with scale modeling. This was a Hobby with my Father, which died 20 Years ago. This Year my mother died on Cancer and I had no time for hobbies.

So the combination of Hobby and Job has always influenced me. I also started with Robotics (Lego Mindstorms).

I hope to discuss with other members and wish you a merry Christmas



Hello @tkreutz

Doug the newbie here, welcome to the party. We all come from many and varied backgrounds and many of us are learning about 3D printing, laser etching and CNC engraving and it is fantastic. We are having fun. I am sure you will too. Remember to have a look at reference links in SnapLinks -- Wiki



Hello world,
I am Sven from Germany. Just bought a “snappi” a few weeks ago. Newbie.
Was thinking about a 3D printer for years now.
When I saw snapmaker 3in1 I knew that was the one I want :slight_smile:
I am just fiddeling around these days with stuff form thingiverse to learn the basics.
I may be go deeper into modelrailroad stuff (1:87).
But for now I just print stuff for christmas time :wink:
Is it possible to change filament while a print btw? Did not found anything about that in the manual.
Have fun,


Hello @sven

Doug the newbie here, welcome to the party. We are having fun. I am sure you will too. Remember to have a look at reference links in SnapLinks -- Wiki

There is no official way to change filament during print. Some have tried, you can check forum entries for people who have tried.



Hello everyone,
My name is Gauthier, from France. And I am a geek maker for aeromodelism :slight_smile:
I did graduate studies in mechanics, computer science and robotics and I would be retired in less than a year.
I already have a Prusa 3D printer since more than 4 years, a 800mm x 800mm wooden home made CNC router driven by Grbl and a second large home made 3D printer with about 200mm x 800mm work area.
I recently ordered a new Snapmaker 3-in-1 that will allow me to further improve my aeromodelism parts manufacturing.
I am also member of a fablab at Bordeaux (France).


Hello @fra589
Jade the newbie here. As doug often said, welcome to the party and have fun!
Recommended topic: SnapLinks – Wiki
You can also find instant news and discussion on the facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/snapmaker

Keep on Making!



@fra589 and @Jade

and don;t forget to checkout the Snapmaker group in Thingiverse

…and definitely have some fun



I’ve got the Snapmaker 3-in-1 as a christmas present and it has been running continuously for the last 5 days
:wink:. I am impressed about the quality of the prints. The documentation and Snapmaker3D software is easy to understand. I was suprised how fast the first results were available.



hahahaha you are now addicted like the rest of us, life will never be the same for you.

Keep having fun



Ayer, recibí como regalo de aniversario un Snapmaker 3-en-1.
Ya esta montado. Falta equilibrar y empezar a disfrutar de este fabuloso regalo.
Espero contar con vuestra ayuda, pues soy novato en temas de 3D.


Me olvide comentar que soy de Barcelona, (Spain) y acabo de cumplir los 65 años.


Hello my name is Christian, I’m purchasing a snapmaker soon.
I am very excited to get started in creating various things and bringing my thoughts and ideas to life.



Prepare yourself to enter a new and wondrous world. Big note…it is addictive.

Keep having fun



I can’t wait to get started!!:raised_hands:


HI my name is Stefan, I’m an electric engineer from Austria.
I got my Snapmaker already a month ago and although it is my first 3D printer it wasn’t difficult to set up. I’m already getting very good results with PLA and PETG.



Welcome to the community. Keep having fun