A BIG Thank You to SnapMaker

Hi All @Rainie @Noah @whimsycwd

This is an unsolicited comment from me. I am am in love with my Snapmaker (haha). This has been a great new experience for me, never having had any previous experience with 3D printing, lasering, engraving or CAD. I have thrown myself into learning on how to use this device, learning to use Fusion 360 and Cura.

I also want to thank the many users on the forum for sharing ideas, experiences and suggestions as this makes learning so much easier for me. and I suspect many other newbies. The collegiate positive style of contributions will see us all have some fun.

I am now designing and printing bespoke parts to fit Tetrix Robotics components on my R&D Proof-Of-Concept project and the Snapmaker is making this effort so much easier and fun.

For a new business and first effort you have got off to a great start. I realise that there will be teething problems, nevertheless you have made a quality device and future models will only get better.