My Snapmaker arrived

Thank you @whimsycwd @Rainie @Noah @sheila

My Snapmaker arrived today. The first comment that came to mind when opening the package was “QUALITY”, the printed documentation, parts manufacture, even the packaging…all scream quality… well done Snapmaker.

I looked forward to learning to use this unit and learning about 3D printing ,engraving and CNC work, all new to me. I feel that I have a great tool to start me on this venture.

May 2018 be great to all of you and to forum members.



easier to assemble than an IKEA flatpack

Hi Doug

Glad to hear that you like it. :smiley:
In the past few months, you’ve helped us a lot to maintain a good atmosphere here in community, we must say THANK YOU first~

Feel free to ask us if you have any questions, we will help you as much as we can. Keep trying and have fun, lol~


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Hi Noah

As you are aware I am newbie to this technology. My R&D project uses robotic parts from and they provide CAD files for their components (PRIME components). My aim is to use these CAD files and modify them for some bespoke alterations. The files they ship are in a ,step format which I believe is a format used as an interchangeable format between 3D applications. Is there a way to import this into Snapmaker of should I just use Fusion 360. Remember I am learning to crawl before I can walk. I have uploaded the .step file as an unmodified example.

40214_txp-beam end connector.step (346.9 KB)

my snapmaker arrived 2day…!!!

will have to wait, i’m learning to use new sewing machine…

can hardly wait…


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update: could not wait…

assembly took about 1/2 hour (i b slo), and everything fits well…

label on bottom should have an arrow with “front”…

new label on box needs better adhesive, part came off when pulling snapmaker box from shipping box…

if anything, snapmaker box over-engineered… lotz of attention to detail…

separate bags for non-harm-able parts should save some space/money…
(separate boxes for screws/cables/etc…?)

for users with no/little mechanical background, manual should mention not to over tighten fasteners…

overall, very pleased with snapmaker, shipping container, and assembly…

manual could use some work, with TOTAL NEWBIE input…
(those who wrote the manuals, KNOW TOO MUCH about snapmaker…)


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Hi. Replying to this thread because I can’t create a new topic. Beginner here, so I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or if my Snapmaker is just broken :frowning:

I’ve set the printer up as per the instructions. I’ve calibrated it so there’s a little resistance on the calibration card on all four corners. I’ve inserted the white Snapmaker filament that came with the printer. It pushes through OK, and I remove the extruded thread with the tweezers.

I’ve exported the gcode for the Test.stl file onto the USB stick and inserted it into the printer, and I start the print.

The nozzle heats up to 200C, the bed heats up to 50C, the print head homes correctly, then there’s a slight ticking noise for a couple of seconds, then the head starts moving over the bed and… nothing. No material is coming out of the nozzle. A small amount, about 1cm, seems to get pushed out while the head is homing, before the print starts, but once it actually starts moving there’s nothing.

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Hi Mark,

I do not yet have my Snapmaker so I’m fishing in the dark. I had a similar issue with my Mendle90, but after about the first year.

The clicking sound I had was from the printer trying to push the filament through the head but the head was clogged so the wheel pressing the filament snapped back making the clicking sound, which really should not be the case for a new printer. Only alternative that I can think of is if, during the print for whatever reason the head is pressed onto the plate so that filament cannot get through.

Can you see if the head is against the plate?

Reason I’m responding is that I see this to be 2 days old. You probably need to pop a mail to support, if you had not already.

If it is resolved it would be nice to hear what it was.

Happy printing

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Hi Andrew, thanks for replying (it’s more than Support have done so far).

I’m pretty sure the head is not pressing right against the plate, I’ve calibrated the bed at various levels of resistance with the card, from barely any resistance to quite stiff.

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Hi Mark,

well if you can press the filament through but cannot get the gcode to push it through, and it just clicks, then it may actually be a defect. Sorry to say.

Is there a way to open the print block that encases the head so you can see inside what might be happening?

Sorry to hear that about the support, first negative message I’ve seen so far. The team usually seems very responsive and take ownership.

Hey Mark, sorry you are having issues. Did you email snapmaker support I am flagging your issue so @Rainie will see it. I think the team is overwhelmed right now but once they have a moment I am sure they will be able to get you taken care of!

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Lol, Ranie and I wrote this manuals, indeed we know too much about snapmaker.

-> Label with front: we originally thought the character will imply users which is front, but seems not obvious enough, I will take care of it in future version.
-> Label needs better adhesive: I will ask supplier if they could provide better glue (We have found this issues and ask them to change, but seems not strong enough. )
-> I think it’s OK to add the tips of not to over tighten fasteners.

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I’ve emailed support twice, and emailed the person who dealt with my first support email (about forum access) directly as well. Hopefully I’ll get a response soon. I really wish I could start a forum topic, though.

I don’t really want to dig around in the print head, from changing the nozzle all I can really see is a massive heat sink around the mechanism. If the team gave me some guidance or instructions I’d give it a go.

Hello. I received my Snapmaker 3 weeks ago and, right out of the box, it is working superbly. The problem is that I ordered also the enclosure to reduce noise and smell and, while I was charged for it and it is listed as “shipped” on backerkit in the same package that was delivered, the item was missing. I have tried to contact Snapmaker and Backerkit three times over the past three weeks, and I receive no reply.

Has anyone else had a similar experience? Has anyone received the enclosure? With total silence in response to my inquiries, I feel I’m running out of options. Snapmaker is based in the city where I live, so I could just walk over and knock on their door… Any advice/suggestions?


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Hello @vvsahakian

I too am a user, you can relax, we are all waiting for the enclosure, it is under development and I am guessing nearing completion and will be shipped soon.


Thanks, that is very helpful. I don’t understand why Snapmaker support cannot drop a brief reply to that effect, or why my order shows that the item was included in the shipment. In any case, I can wait; I just wanted to get a simple status report.


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There is a running topic on the case development where you can see the prototype and user suggestions. Take a look at Experience assembling the enclosure of snapmaker 3-in-1 3D Printer

Keep having fun


Hi Vatche

Sorry for this inconvenience, the lack of replies is because Rainie and Jade went to London to attend BeTT Show. As a startup, we have only 16 full-time employees and have to reply hundreds of emails :joy: . We will try to optimize the reply speed. Thanks for your understanding~

As doug said, the enclosure is still under development. I guess the shipped state on BK can’t show each item individually.

Besides, I’m a designer of snapmaker, Nice to meet you~

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Hi Noah,

Nice to meet you too. You guys have done a wonderful job on the design and built of this printer. Very impressive.